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Ana Miranda calls for policies to alleviate the cost of living.

EFA MEP Ana Miranda intervened in the Plenary to address the impact of the cost of living crisis. 
The Galician MEP discussed the consequences of the rising prices in her constituency. Miranda MEP addressed Commissioner Gentiloni Paolo to question if he had knowledge of the current costs. 
“Consecutive price increases for consumers, especially in products such as fuel and foodstuffs, are contributing to the rising inflation rate. Does the Commissioner know how much the price of eggs, potatoes, oil, milk, fish and meat, electricity, etc. have risen?” 
From the rise in fuel prices to the cost of food, many families have to make sacrifices to stay afloat; MEP Miranda detailed the impact of the policies decided in Brussels in her Country, Galiza. 
“The basic purchase is a luxury for many families, for large families, single-parent families, or people on low incomes. Before you lived, now you survive badly.”
Ana Miranda MEP highlighted how many vulnerable sectors have been hit the hardest such as the self-employed or producers, and she explained how “workers now earn less and live worse”, and workers in sectors like fisheries and agriculture are descending into poverty.
MEP Miranda called for structural changes to stop the rich getting richer” and help the people that are being left behind.”
We need structural changes in the economy to give an alternative to many people drowning in the crisis.” She said.
Ana Miranda, EFA MEP, concluded:
“We have a lot to protest about and take to the streets. That is why I support the demonstration from the European Parliament that will take to the streets of Santiago (Galiza) asking for alternatives. “
“We have many reasons not to be silent.”


European Parliament Building Strasbourg © European Union 2017 - Source : EP
European Parliament Building Strasbourg © European Union 2017 - Source : EP
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