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Ana Miranda calls for the protection of bees and sustainable farming

EFA MEP and Vice Chair of the Committee of Petitions, Ana Miranda, intervened in plenary to call the EU to take action to protect bees and other pollinators as key actors for environmental health. She also pointed out the great support of this citizen petition, with 1.2 million European petitioners backing it up.

“The European petitioners called for a greater commitment to the welfare of bees and pollinators, which is vital to environmental health and food safety.”

“The most recent evidence has also shown the need for a significant intensification of policies that better preserve habitats and agricultural areas to become a key vector for biodiversity recovery.” She said.

The Galizan MEP also stressed the importance of transitioning to an agroecology model aligned with the preservation of biodiversity and environmental protection.

“Adequate support of farmers in the necessary rapid transition to full agroecology is essential, especially favouring small, diversified, and sustainable agricultural enterprises, organic farming, and research into pesticide-free and GMO-free [Genetically Modified Organisms] agriculture.” she added. 

MEP Miranda stressed that the population of bees and other pollinators is decreasing rapidly, posing a serious threat to the preservation of biodiversity across Europe, pointing out why this is taking place.

“The decline of pollinators is due to several factors, including land use change, intensive farming practices, pesticide use, as well as the pesticide approval regime, environmental pollution, invasive alien species, pathogens, and climate change.”

MEP Ana Miranda challenged the European Union to seize this opportunity to become an international referent in the protection of the environment and biodiversity preservation.

“Offers the EU a great opportunity to take firm action to reverse the decline of pollinators and the immense benefits they provide, as part of the European effort to restore ecosystems, reverse biodiversity loss, improve food security, and make the EU the first climate-neutral continent.” She concluded.


European Parliament building in Strasbourg / © European Union 2019 / Architecture-Studio
European Parliament building in Strasbourg / © European Union 2019 / Architecture-Studio
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Ana Miranda

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