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We have done Europe's biggest experiment in democracy

Conference on the Future of Europe

As part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, 800 randomly selected citizens have voiced their demands on the future of the European Union. At last week’s final plenary session, participants agreed on a set of 49 proposals. Among them are demands for more investments in climate and social issues, a reform of the EU’s agricultural policy and an abolishment of national vetoes. The Greens/EFA will continue to make sure that citizens’ voices are heard and policy recommendations implemented.

Daniel Freund MEP, Member of the EP delegation to the Conference on the Future of Europe, comments:

“We have done Europe's biggest experiment in democracy. At the suggestion of the Greens, we selected and invited 800 citizens on a representative basis and asked them about the future of the EU, what kind of policies they would like to see.

And what did the results show? It shows that the abolition of national vetoes, transnational lists in the European elections, real European citizenship, investment in Europe's future and not in corrupt autocrats, a more social, transparent Europe is not some federalist conspiracy, but what the majority of citizens want. There was 70, 80, 90% support from the citizens for the proposals that are on the table. And not only the citizens, but also the national MPs, the civil society, the governments have agreed to these proposals in the end.

And it is precisely the most ambitious proposals that will show whether this process is taken seriously. So, it is precisely the proposals that cannot simply be changed with a law, but for which we have to change the treaties. And that is why it is so essential that we now go to the Convention, that we really implement the most ambitious proposals in the coming months. That is what the Convention is for. It is for the citizens. It is for the future of the European Union.”

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Daniel Freund
Daniel Freund

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