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Trade Ministers must not wave through unjust trade agreements


EU trade ministers and Commissioner Malmström will meet tomorrow and Friday (22-23 September) to discuss free trade agreements with Canada (CETA) and the US (TTIP).

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Trade and Green trade spokesperson Yannick Jadot stated:

“EU Ministers appear determined to steam ahead with CETA in spite of mounting controversy and public opposition. Both the Commission and EU governments seem willing to believe in any fairy tale that promises a return to growth, but the truth is the only beneficiaries of these deals will be the foreign investors who will gain the right to sue governments for enacting legitimate and democratic legislation. For citizens, our public services and our climate, these deals will be disastrous.

“We also need to see greater consistency from some governments. Both the French Trade Minister and German Economy Minister have spoken out against TTIP and they must hold true to these statements and call for an end to negotiations. It simply does not make sense to denounce TTIP while still pushing ahead with a similar deal with Canada: CETA and TTIP are two sides of the same coin, and we must reject both.

"It will be impossible to conclude the CETA when the German SPD has requested so many changes that are only possible with another renegotiation. Similarly, countries like Belgium and Austria are not even in a position to sign at this time. Austria has promised a plebiscite and the Wallonia parliament has essentially blocked the Belgian government from signing. There is even uncertainty that it is compatible with the EU Treaties. This is not the time to start even considering ratification of this deal. It would only serve to undermine trust in the European project and we must instead look for genuine solutions that meet the needs of our citizens.” 


Press release
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Yannick Jadot
Yannick Jadot

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