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Commission needs to get serious on CO2 from trucks

Mobility Package

The European Commission has today presented its third mobility package, intended to reduce CO2 emissions and improve road safety.
Claude Turmes, rapporteur for CO2 standards for trucks in the European Parliament's Environment Committee, comments:
"Even with a coalition of actors in the truck sector calling for stricter limits for heavy vehicles, the European Commission is still falling far short of its Paris climate commitments. Heavy goods vehicles are one of the biggest polluters on our roads and the Commission needs to get serious about tackling carbon dioxide emissions in the sector.
"The EU urgently needs to change course and significantly speed up the decarbonisation of the transport sector. We want to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy commercial vehicles by 45 percent by 2030 and make complete decarbonization of the sector mandatory in legislation from 2050."
Greens/EFA member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism, Jakop Dalunde comments on the road safety measures:
"With more than 20,000 road deaths per year, we still have work to do on road safety. We welcome the European Commission’s proposals, but they are still missing important opportunities that could save lives.
“Excess speed and alcohol remain major causes of accidents. The Commission should be looking at putting speed limiters in all cars across the EU to prevent dangerous driving on our roads and automatic controls to prevent cars from starting when a driver has had too much to drink. These technological fixes could help further reduce the number of serious accidents on our roads.”




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