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EU Commission Presidency

Cohn-Bendit: No rush appointments - it's time to stop Barroso

Today, the Greens/EFA Group launched a campaign (1) to prevent Jose Manuel Barroso winning a second mandate as EU Commission President. Greens/EFA Co-President Daniel Cohn-Bendit commented:

"First on procedure, and secondly on substance - we must stop Barroso. It would be one thing for the Council to make a political statement in favour of Barroso this week, quite another to make a formal nomination. Europeans need to see the European Parliament meet its democratic responsibility and reject any rushed rubber-stamping of his appointment in July. 

There is no valid excuse for making a formal decision to re-appoint Barroso now. Why should Barroso, a great defender of the Lisbon Treaty, want to be appointed under the rules of an expiring Nice Treaty? Mr. Barroso should occupy his post and carry out his duties in the interim only, just like his Commissioner colleagues.

Beyond procedure, we need a debate on the substance of the new Commission President. President Barroso's policies have failed the economy, the environment and democracy. We cannot afford five more years of the same.

Barroso himself was an 11th hour candidate for the Commission Presidency, his support for the Iraq war ultimately a deal-breaker. We will not accept a fait accompli - given time, suitable candidates to be his successor will certainly be found."

Note to editors:

(1) Visit the campaign website, which has a video, e-cards and further information: www.stop-barroso.eu


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