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European Parliament demands greater transparency in the EU

Transparency & lobbying

The European Parliament calls for stricter rules on lobbying. Today, the majority of MEPs adopted a report from Green rapporteur Sven Giegold on "Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in the EU Institutions". Greens / EFA, Social Democrats and some member of EPP, ECR and ALDE groups backed the report.

The Parliament's demands now need to be implemented across the EU institutions, says Sven Giegold:

"It is a great success that the European Parliament consents to significantly greater transparency in lobbying and stronger rules against revolving doors. The European Parliament has taken the front foot on countering the feeling that there is too much closeness between politics and big business. The long struggle for more transparency and strong ethics rules has paid off. By implementing those demands, the EU institutions can now be the pioneer for lobbying transparency.

“The Legislative Footprint, requested by the European Parliament, will allow citizens to see at a glance who has been able to influence the drafting of EU legislation. The transparency register for lobbyists – which until now has been voluntary – will become more binding as lobbyists will have to register in order to gain access to legislators.

“Berlin, Paris and other capital cities have weaker transparency rules and should now also follow suit on lobby transparency. Progress in the Parliament makes the Council the last of the three major EU institutions that allow unregistered lobbyists easy access.

“MEPs also rejected the unworthy attempts of MEP Markus Pieper to place European civil society on a very short leash. The Christian Democrats wanted to see a governmental authority evaluate whether organisations base their arguments on verifiable facts. Such an approach may be common in Russia, Cuba or Venezuela, but is unworthy of democracy in Europe.

“Today's decision has a downside: it is shameful that MEPs want to keep looser standards for themselves than for employees of the EU Commission. On mandatory lobby transparency and stronger rules for revolving doors, the majority of MEPs decided to let themselves off the hook.” 



Comment on Plenary votes on Rules of Procedure in December 2016 http://www.sven-giegold.de/2016/rules-of-procedure-eu-parliament-strengthens-its-efficiency-and-transparency-but-fails-to-toughen-integrity-rules/

Comments on AFCO adopts Transparency report in March 2017 http://www.sven-giegold.de/2017/european-parliaments-constitutional-affairs-committee-wants-big-steps-towards-more-transparency-and-integrity-in-eu-institutions/

Voting results of AFCO in March 2017 http://www.sven-giegold.de/2017/transparency-constitutional-committee-vote-on-transparency-integrity-and-accountability/

Conference of Group Presidents adopt negotiation mandate for a new Transparency Register: http://www.sven-giegold.de/2017/lobby-transparency-meps-reject-to-bring-their-own-house-in-order/

Citizen consultation before our draft: http://www.sven-giegold.de/transparency/

Petition for the key elements supported by more than 100 000 citizens: https://www.change.org/p/eu-parliament-make-lobbying-transparent-close-revolving-doors

Responsible MEPs

Sven Giegold
Sven Giegold

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