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EU rules on posted workers

Enforcement rules will help prevent exploitation of posted workers

The European Parliament today voted to endorse a final agreement on EU legislation on the enforcement of EU rules on posted workers. The Greens welcomed the new rules, with employment and social affairs spokesperson Elisabeth Schroedter stating:

"This new legislation is an important step forward for the rights of those posted to work temporarily in other EU member states. Proper enforcement of EU rules on posted workers will help prevent the exploitation of posted workers and ensure they are granted their rights. With countless examples of exploitation, from the construction sector to the food processing sector, it was essential for the EU to take action.

"The new rules will oblige EU member states to actively work against illegal practices such as letter box companies and false self-employment. If cases of false self-employment are discovered, a safeguard clause was introduced to protect workers for the first time.

"Posted workers will have a right to information on their rights, with member states tasked to set up bodies to this end. The final rules will also strengthen the hands of member states to carry out controls. Member states will not, as the Commission originally wanted, be bound by a closed list of control measures, but will have the right to decide themselves which control measures they want to use to verify the legality of postings.

"The new directive also establishes joint and several liability in EU law for the first time. While these provisions are limited, it is an important first step. Member states can keep or introduce systems of joint and several liability that go further."




Greens/EFA debriefing of the plenary session


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Greens/EFA debriefing of the plenary session

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