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EU single permit

Adoption of single permit an important landmark but cannot be the end of the road

The new EU single work and residence permit is today set to be adopted by the European Parliament (1). The Greens believe the single permit is an important step forward but regret that it does not grant greater rights to those seeking to live and work in the EU. Commenting on the permit, Green Euro-MP Jean Lambert said:

“The adoption of the single permit is an important landmark, which will simplify the often-complicated procedures for third country nationals looking to live and work in EU countries, notably by creating a single administrative procedure for a work and residence permit. "We are pleased that the adopted legislation includes a clear commitment to equal treatment in the workplace, as well as the right to freedom of association. Third country nationals, who are legitimately in the EU, will also have the right to basic social services and social security, albeit with certain limitations. "The Greens were in favour of granting far greater rights to those covered under the rules but unfortunately there was no majority for this. So, while the creation of the single permit is an important step forward, it cannot be the end of the road."

(1) A second reading legislative agreement between the European Parliament and Council on the single permit will be deemed adopted during today's plenary session of the European Parliament, as no amendments have been tabled. The single permit will apply to 24 member states, with the UK, Denmark and Ireland having negotiated opt-outs from the legislation.

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