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EU & US must work together as close friends

Inauguration of President Joe Biden

Today, Members of the European Parliament will debate the inauguration of new United States President Joe Biden and the political situation in the US from 08:30.

Ska Keller MEP, President of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, comments:
"We would like to congratulate President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, and wish them and their entire team success in dealing with the immense challenges they face. They are charged with uniting US society, getting a grip on the Covid crisis and making America a reliable and constructive partner on the global stage again. The EU and US need to work together as close friends if we are going to overcome the climate crisis, tackle global threats to health and support democracy and human rights worldwide.

"The outgoing president leaves behind a divided society that needs uniting. The violent riots in recent weeks are the sorry and deliberate results of years of lies and misinformation, often distributed by major internet platforms. The rioters, as well as many Republicans, attempted to overturn the results of democratic elections and threaten the rule of law. The Capitol riot lays bare the weakness of democracy to those who wish to destroy it, both in the US and the EU. All democrats must defend our open societies against hatred and violence."

Reinhard Bütikofer MEP, Member of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with the United States, comments:
"Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will have to almost square the circle in order to lift US society out of a deep national crisis. The new American president faces the Herculean task of leaving behind the poisoned legacy of his predecessor, while Trumpism obviously has not ceased to play a role. On the international stage, expectations are huge that Donald Trump's strategy of division and the abandonment of multilateral agreements will be reversed as soon as possible.

"President Biden has taken promising steps even before taking office, with his announcement to prioritise climate protection and re-join the Paris climate agreement, and is boosting confidence in the US as an international actor. We hope for similar renewal efforts with regard to the WHO and the WTO. We wish the new President, Vice-President and their entire administration the strength and energy to unite American society and to set a new course for re-invigorated transatlantic relations."

The debate can be followed live here.