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European Parliament stands up for consumer interests


The European Parliament has today (6 April) approved the results of the trialogue on roaming charges. In the negotiations with the European Commission and the Council, the Parliament was able to secure lower prices for consumers. Smaller providers will now also be more able to compete with the big telecommunications corporations.

Roaming costs will soon be a thing of the past, says Greens/EFA member of the parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy committee, Michel Reimon:

"The European Parliament has once again advanced the interests of consumers. As of mid-June, roaming costs will decrease annually and should be a thing of the past by 2022. The European Parliament has stood up against the individual national interests of the EU Member States that wanted to block the abolition of roaming charges. Now it is up to the telecom corporations to implement the roaming regulation in a user-friendly manner."

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