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Greens/EFA welcome Commission's push in the fight against cable clutter

Today, the European Commission presented its long-awaited proposal for standardised charging cables. The proposal is part of the revision of the Radio Equipment Directive from 2014. The proposals will see uniform charging cables for mobile phones, headphones, cameras and loudspeakers, to save resources, reduce waste and as a building block of the circular economy.

Anna Cavazzini, Greens/EFA Member and Chair of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, welcomes the initiative for more consumer protection:
"The EU is declaring an end to cable clutter. Finally, the Commission is standing up to the lobbying power of tech companies like Apple, listening to consumer advocates and tackling the nuisance of cable chaos. Relying on voluntary action by the manufacturers has proved unsuccessful. This initiative fits into the Green Deal and the circular economy and is an important building block for the sustainable internal market. People will only need one charging cable for mobile phones and tablets and will save money, waste and resources. In the European Parliament, we will push for the proposal to cover all mobile devices."



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Anna Cavazzini
Anna Cavazzini

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