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MEPs vote to protect associations and civil society in Europe

European Cross-border Association

Today, Members of the European Parliament adopted the report on the Directive on a European cross-border Association (ECBA) the Commission presented last September. The proposal for a directive follows Greens/EFA Rapporteur Sergey Lagodinsky’s resolution on ‘A statute for European cross-border associations and non-profit organisations’ adopted in February 2022. It also picks up on the numerous and longstanding calls from civil society dating back to the previous millennium, to give associations a European legal form and EU-wide protection. 

Sergey Lagodinsky, Greens/EFA MEP and European Parliament Rapporteur for the report, comments: 

“A vibrant and lively civil society is a cornerstone for our democracy. In voting for this report, a broad majority of MEPs show they share this objective with the Greens/EFA Group. For years, profit oriented interest representations can be established but only today we elevate civil society to the European level. Democracy does not end at country borders. Civil society organisations allow for the participation and engagement of individuals. That is why they are the heart of democracy, in Member States and throughout the EU. Making them strong and truly European is a safeguard for our European future.

Unfortunately, the Council has not finished its work on the proposal yet. We therefore urge the Member States to swiftly adopt a constructive position and look forward to starting negotiations with them in the next term.”



Press release
Press release
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Sergey Lagodinsky
Sergey Lagodinsky

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