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Nuclear reactor in Fessenheim

Worrying incident compounded by cover-up

The German media today revealed today for the first time that a very serious incident occurred at the Fessenheim nuclear plant in France in 2014. Commenting on the revelation and the implications, Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms said:

"This serious nuclear incident in Fessenheim, which was covered-up by the authorities, is very worrying. It underlines again the high risk nature of nuclear power and that every nuclear reactor poses the constant threat of a catastrophic accident.

"The failure to comply with the reporting obligations set out by the international supervisory authority is a cover-up, which seems borderline criminal. This incident must have direct consequences for the debate in France on the lifetime extension of nuclear plants. Outdated and worn-out reactors like Fessenheim and Cattenom must be permanently shut down. The disregard for security among nuclear reactor operators and nuclear authorities must end. Cross-border cooperation on nuclear security should put the interests of citizens first.

"It is time for an EU summit on nuclear safety. France has decided to reduce nuclear power: that must ultimately lead to a nuclear phase-out and an energy transition. There is a need to build a broad consensus around this in France. This Fessenheim incident is a renewed warning to all those who want to play with fire regarding nuclear power."


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