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Social pillar of the Mobility Package - voted in Transport Committee

Quote from Ciarán Cuffe MEP

The European Parliament Transport Committee has just given the green-light to the social pillar of the 'Mobility Package' on three separate files dealing with the rules governing rest periods, cabotage and the posting of road transport operators.


Ciarán Cuffe MEP, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur on the driving and rest times proposal, comments:

''Our group has concerns over the driving and rest times proposal, a proposal with the clear aim of improving the situation for truck drivers on EU roads. While there are some positive aspects in this agreement, drivers in international freight transport may now legally drive for even longer stretches of time – three weeks before they get a proper two day rest. This does nothing to help driver fatigue or improve working conditions, and further endangers road safety. The much touted right for drivers to return home is not a guarantee as drivers can also be sent to companies’ operational centres which could be in a different country to where they live. As for posting, our group position is clear – this agreement is worse for drivers than the status quo. On cabotage however, progress has been made on some issues in the agreement.''


Background briefing on the Social pillar of the road Mobility Package



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Ciarán Cuffe
Ciarán Cuffe

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