EU insurance rules

Parliament calls for full disclosure of fees and costs of insurance products

The European Parliament today voted on EU legislation on the insurance sector, the insurance mediation directive. MEPs voted in favour of provisions to strengthen the rights of consumers when purchasing insurance, with full disclosure of fees and costs, despite this having been long resisted by the ...

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Investment fund rules (UCITS)

Deal improves investor protection against reckless risk taking

  The European Parliament and Council today reached agreement on draft EU legislation on investment funds (the UCITS V directive), a sector that is valued at almost €6.3 trillion. The legislation, which is being shepherded through the European Parliament by Green draftsperson/rapporteur...

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Plant breeding

Report outlines the worst option for increasing quality and yields

Despite the opposition of the Greens/EFA MEPs, the Agriculture Committee voted with a huge majority in favour of this report, which misguidedly promotes the potential of new breeding techniques, such as GMOs and gene stacking[i], to increase quality and yields. For the plenary vote on 25 February, t...


Join the Food Revolution Newsletter

Issue n°1 February 2014

GREEN INSIGHT INTO EU FOOD POLICY EU rules on the labelling of meat: European Commission sent back to the drawing board Committee rejects draft seed regulation: 1st positive signal for seed diversity and food security GM maize 1507 authorisation: Commission insistence must be met with censure Veget...


Strasbourg Flash

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 24-27 February 2014

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary include Troika's flawed role under scrutiny, testimony from Edward Snowden to MEPs, tackling cars' climate impact, EU economic governance, aid for the most deprived, railway safety, privacy concerns with eCall vehicle tracking, EU-Switzerland relations, youth unemployment and the youth guarantee, tobacco and public health, EU judicial cooperation and basic rights, Indonesian rainforests and climate change, Ukrainian crisis and Europe's role, extreme weather and climate change

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EU-US trade agreement (TTIP)

True stocktaking would lead to suspension of negotiations

Commenting on the ongoing stocktaking meeting between EU trade commissioner Karel de Gucht and US trade representative Michael Froman on the EU-US trade negotiations (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), Green trade policy spokesperson Yannick Jadot stated: "Instead of blindly pushi...

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Brussels Agenda

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 17-21 February 2014

Greens/EFA priorities for the week include EU rules on money market funds, posted workers, cloned animals and EU food law, money laundering, terrorism funding and the financial system, protecting migrants' lives in Mediterranean. Among Greens/EFA events : hearing on right to water - first successful EU citizens' initiative, conferences on plastic bags, on social cohesion in times of recession and on afrophobia in the EU

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Food labelling

MEPs send Commission back to drawing board and vote for full lifecycle labelling of meat

A motion tabled by the Greens to reject new rules proposed by the European Commission on origin labelling for meat was endorsed in a European Parliament vote today. The Greens welcomed the outcome and called on the Commission to come forward with new and more comprehensive proposals, with Green food...

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Air passenger rights

MEPs vote to strengthen rights for passengers for flight delays and cancellations

The European Parliament today voted on draft legislation, updating EU rules on air passenger rights. Commenting after the vote, Green transport spokesperson Keith Taylor said: "Today's vote would undoubtedly strengthen the rights of air passengers, even if the Greens would have preferred to go ...

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Greening the streets  © Udo Weber
© Udo Weber

A Green Review

7th legislature of the European Parliament (2009-2014)

During this five-year term, Greens/EFA have been the driving force to promote crisis resilience through social justice, to secure our climate and energy future, to fight for a healthy environment, to defend human rights, social, democratic and digital rights, to promote global solidarity and security and to celebrate cultural diversity in the EU.

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Young seedling © Meriel Jane Waissman

Seed market regulation

New study highlights concentration in seed market and implications for draft EU rules

The Greens/EFA group today presented a new study highlighting the concentration of the European seed market (1). In contrast with claims by the European Commission that market concentration is not a problem, the study revealed five companies (also producing agrochemical products) control more than 5...

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Public Eye Awards 2014

Bees thank you for the massive support!

The Public Eye Awards call on people all over the world to choose the worst case of offences against the environment and human rights Once again this year, the Berne Declaration (BD) and Greenpeace presented the awards. Just behind the winner Gazprom, Syngenta, Bayer and BASF, companies producing am...