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Geoblocking and minority languages

EFA MEP Jill Evans (Plaid Cymru) wants the European Commission to ensure that legislation on access to web based programming while abroad facilitates the use of Welsh and other minority languages. Jill Evans says that 'geoblocking' – or blocking access to online content based on location – can ...


EU copyright and online content rules

Commission fails to dismantle digital borders

The European Commission today presented a 'communication' setting out its plans for reforming EU copyright rules, as well as a legislative proposal on the portability of legally acquired digital content. Commenting on the proposals, Greens/EFA vice-president and copyright spokesperson Julia Reda sai...

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Justice and home affairs council

PNR deal diverts energy from real solutions

Yesterday afternoon a provisional agreement was reached between the European Parliament and Council on the stall proposal to create an EU passenger name record system, to access and store the data of air passengers travelling in the EU (1). Commenting on the deal and in the context of the council of...

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StandUp4Freedom / A Clim'Art Moment


A cultural event promoting our shared freedoms with Carolyn Carlson, Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi, Nicolas Hulot and many others

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EU e-comms rules

Net neutrality threatened under hollow promise of roaming charge end

The European Parliament today voted to adopt a legislative agreement on EU electronic communications rules. Commenting after the vote, Green internet and telecoms spokesperson Michel Reimon said: "The new e-communications rules adopted today are being sold as a victory for consumers but this is...

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SNP MEPs vote to protect free and open internet

Press release from SNP MEPs Ian Hudghton & Alyn Smith (EFA)

Today SNP Members of the European Parliament Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton voted to protect the freedom of Internet users. MEPs Alyn Smith & Ian Hudghton Unfortunately the Parliament voted against various amendments to the flawed European Telecom Single Market (TSM) Package. As passed this comprom...


Data protection

EU governments undermining common data protection standards

EU justice ministers are expected to agree on a common position on the data protection directive at the Justice and Home Affairs Council tomorrow (Friday). Commenting on the expected agreement, Green home affairs spokesperson Jan Philipp Albrecht, who is the European Parliament's rapporteur/draftspe...


Data protection/Facebook

EU court safeguards fundamental right to data protection

The European Court of Justice today issued its judgement on a case concerning the transfer by Facebook of the data of EU citizens to the US under the 'Safe Harbor'. The court found that the transfer of private data to the US by Facebook is at odds with EU data protection rules. Commenting on the ru...

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Internet as a Commons


Public Space in the Digital Age

The Internet as a whole has become an important part of our global public sphere. Internet provides access to a wealth of information and knowledge, and the possibility to participate, create and communicate. This public space made up of internet infrastructures is increasingly threatened from two sides; by the centralization and commercialization through the dominant positions held by giant telecom and Internet companies, as well as by an increasing trend in state regulation and censorship of the net. This poses important questions about how we choose to organize and regulate our digital societies, and how Internet governance models can be developed and implemented to ensure fair and democratic participation.


Data protection/Facebook

'Safe Harbor' must be immediately suspended by EU Commission

The advocate general of the European Court of Justice today issued his legal opinion on a case concerning the transfer by Facebook of the data of EU citizens to the US under 'Safe Harbor'. The advocate general found that the transfer of private data to the US by Facebook is at odds with EU data prot...

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Europe v Facebook

Jan Philipp Albrecht

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Passenger Name Records

ECJ judgment brazenly disregarded, proposals on mass surveillance adopted

The European Parliament’s Civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee today adopted by a large majority proposals on the unjustified collection and analysis of passenger name records of all air passengers travelling to or from the EU. Commenting after the vote, Jan Philipp Albrecht, V...

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