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Tax Justice

Tax avoidance is a threat to our democracy. Since the Luxleaks scandal, the Greens pushed hard for change and got the European Parliament to support tax transparency. But the fight continues.

Corporate tax / Google

Letter from Greens/EFA to Commissioner Vestager

The Greens/EFA MEPs sitting on the European Parliament's TAXE committee, established following the "LuxLeaks" revelations, yesterday wrote to Commissioner Vestager asking her to open an investigation into the UK tax authority's deal with Google Europe, in line with EU laws on state aid pro...


EU corporate tax rules

Slow progress on addressing tax avoidance continues

The European Commission today presented its 'Corporate Tax Package', a set of proposals to update EU rules on corporate taxation. Commenting on the proposals, UK Green MEP and tax policy spokesperson Molly Scott Cato said: "These proposals on corporate taxation represent another small but incom...

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Fighting fraud and corruption across the EU

Benedek Jávor, a Green MEP that has been championing the fight against corruption in the EU institutions on behalf of the Greens/EFA group, explains how the EU institutions can and should work hard to end corruption, fraud and misspending.Q: So, what are you trying to achieve? What happened today?I...


EU Corporate Tax Package

This homeopathic dose is not enough

If the fight against tax avoidance and tax competition were a disease, we would need urgent surgery. Unfortunately, what the European Commission is proposing with its package to be published tomorrow, is a homeopathic medicine - to fight terminal disease - and nobody should claim 'job's done!'Some w...


Happy New (Tax) Year!

Belgium's tax loopholes for multinationals condemned by European Commission

And what a better gift to start 2016 than Monday’s announcement by the European Commission that Belgium will recover €700 million from 35 big companies that received an illegal preferential tax treatment in the past 10 years. It all started 12 months ago when Commissioner Vestager opened an inv...


Tax justice

The European Parliament has agreed on its new special tax committee

The fight for tax justice continues... Today, the European Parliament officially brought back to life again its special committee to investigate tax rulings and other harmful measures, now called TAXE 2. After an intense battle – where the Greens pushed hard to ensure the Parliament's investigatio...


EU Financial Transaction Tax

No to "make believe" policy

That's the short way to describe the financial transaction tax (FTT), a small levy on financial transactions such as shares, bonds and derivatives, whose supporters can't wait to see 11 pioneer European countries implement it and finally deliver on their promises. Today's meeting of EU finance ministers is a great step towards making this dream come true.


EP tax investigation continued

Strong mandate for new committee to continue tax investigation

The European Parliament's conference of presidents today agreed to create a new special committee on taxation to last 6 months, with a new mandate based largely on the mandate of the previous committee and the same structure. Commenting after the conference of presidents, Greens/EFA president Philip...

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TAXE is dead, long live TAXE!

If there’s one thing that the Greens do not like it’s energy waste. But when we see a scandal coming – like an attempt to stop or weaken the European Parliament’s unfinished investigation into the biggest tax scandal in EU history – the Greens had to react. The announcement on November 25...


EP tax investigation

EP president Schulz blocking investigative work

The European Parliament's conference of presidents today failed to agree on extending the mandate of EP's special committee investigating taxation. EP president Martin Schulz and the socialist (S&D) group expressed legal concerns with the extension, despite there being no legal advice to this en...

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EP tax investigation

Special committee extension blocked to protect Juncker and Dijsselbloem

Philippe Lamberts, Sven Giegold and Eva Joly host a press conference on the developments with the EP's tax investigation at 16.00 today in the press room in Strasbourg. It will be streamed at: A previou...

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Money lost to tax evasion is worth whole EU budget

Press release from EFA MEP Ernest Maragall (Catalonia)

MEP Ernest Maragall has welcomed a series of recommendations approved by the European Parliament to tackle corporate tax evasion, following a special committee of enquiry of which he is a substitute member. MEP Ernest Maragall The vote comes on the same day that the European Parliament gave its...