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News |

European Year of Youth 2022

With 2022 set to be designated as European Year of Youth, the European Free Alliance (EFA) has called for a focus on youth unemployment and its impact. MEPs have given the green light to the plans which will put young people at the heart of deciding how the EU wide programme will be implemented....
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Women and child looking out window
Press release |

European Parliament takes important step towards fair minimum wages in Europe

The Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament has just voted in favour of European minimum wages. About 10 percent of the working population in Europe lives in poverty and it is mainly women who are paid below a living wage. With this proposal, minimum wages should contribute to reducing poverty and closing the gender pay gap
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Event |

LIVE WEBINAR: Current practices of biometric mass surveillance in the EU

On 25 October, the Greens/EFA group will publish its report on the current practices of biometric mass surveillance in the EU. Join us to learn more about these practices, to what extent they are effective and the risks that they pose to fundamental rights! Register now!
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Event |

Gender equality and the just transition

​​​​​​​There cannot be a just and successful transition forgetting women. If we want the green transition to be just, we need to ensure gender equality in practice. Join our event to see what leading voices on the ground and in industry have to say about making sure that we achieve equality at all levels.
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Event |

Ending Modern Day Slavery: Towards an EU Import Ban on Forced Labour

Around 25 million people are estimated to be in forced labour around the world. The products they make often land in the European market, and so we unwillingly consume and contribute to this exploitation. But this should not be the case! The European Parliament has called several times for a new EU ...
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Event |

Tech your pick: Beating the giants with interoperability

The Digital Services Act package is Europe’s ambitious plan to revise the rules for how online services, such as social media networks, should be regulated. In a new series of webinars, renowned international experts will share their insights on Europe’s digital future.
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Press release |

Better tackle unsafe products sold online

The Commission has presented its proposal to revise the Product Safety Directive. The Commission wants to ensure that products on the EU internal market meet the high requirements of EU-wide safety standards. Safety deficiencies are regularly found in gadgets containing toxic chemicals, technical devices such as smoke detectors and medic…
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Who is watching you?
Opinion |

Reinforce rights, not racism!

Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield
Opinion by Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield
Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield MEP in conversation with Laurence Meyer, from the Digital Freedom Fund, about the dangers of the increasing use of biometric mass surveillance - both within the EU and outside it, as well as the impact it can have on the lives of people who are already being discriminated against.
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Event |

Live Webinar: Housing is for all

From Budapest to Barcelona, Greens in local and national government have been working to find long-term solutions to the growing homelessness crisis, often drawing inspiration from pioneering policies from around the world, such as housing first, and calling for a shift in understanding and response...
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Publication |

Bold social ambition must drive the recovery

The pandemic has laid bare, and in many cases worsened, deep rifts in our societies. As we emerge from this difficult and painful period, we should take a moment to reflect on what kind of future we want to create. Coming out of this crisis cannot mean a return to business as usual: We need ambition and solidarity to tackle social injusti…