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Jordi Solè: "We are facing a shocking failure of European solidarity."

EFA Group President Jordi Solè intervened today on plenary to alert the startling situation of Migrants crossing European borders and the dire situation for NGOs and activists who try to help.
The Catalan MEP highlighted the consequences of the extreme and far right-wing discourses against migrants and asylum seekers and the alarming announcements from the Italian government and their new migration.
EFA MEP Jordi Solè calls for the creation of a European Search and Rescue Mechanism with an active role from member states.
Jordi Solè, EFA Group President said:
“The debate on search and rescue mechanisms for people at sea is somewhat paradoxical because it's missing the point.”
“Instead of demanding that governments stop putting human lives at risk by placing absurd obstacles to disembarkation and failing to comply with their obligations under international maritime law, we blame NGOs for doing what others should be doing.”
“And we discredit them and, in some cases, even sue them, normalising the discourse of the extreme right and the far right on migration and asylum issues.”
“We are facing a shocking failure of European solidarity.”
“We need a European Search and Rescue Mechanism, a civilian operation with the pro-active involvement of states to go out to resc

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Jordi Solé
Jordi Solé

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