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Withdrawal Agreement vote sad day for Europe


Today, the European Parliament will vote on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, paving the way for the UK to depart the EU on the 31st of January.


Ska Keller MEP, President of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, comments:

“Brexit was not our choice and we will never stop believing that we are stronger and better placed to solve the challenges we face when we work together. Today is a sad day for Europe and the UK."

"We will continue to support citizens' rights and the principle of solidarity. The ties that bind us run deeper than our political union and although the UK will for now embark on a separate path we will stay partners and friends. If the UK changes its mind in the future then we will leave a light on for them to return home."


Philippe Lamberts MEP, President of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, comments:

"The UK’s departure is a lose-lose event: it is in no one’s interest to make the damage worse than it needs to be; but it is in everyone’s interest to remain good neighbours. The next phase of Brexit negotiations should lead to the closest possible relationship that preserves our rules-based single market. we urge all remaining EU Member States to keep their sights trained on our common interest and maintain unity in the upcoming negotiations."

"We must accept that if people have turned their backs away from the European project, it is because of a perception that EU policies have been too much attuned to the interests of the few and not the many. Moving beyond Brexit, it must be our utmost priority, to ensure that our policies respect our planetary boundaries and include all and everyone. This is the best, and the only way, to win and keep the hearts and minds of the European citizens."

Yesterday evening, the Greens/EFA group held a photo opportunity to mark the UK's exit from the EU entitled "We will leave a light on". If you would like to use the images please find them here 



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