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MEPs clear the way for a massive boost to energy transition, cheap electricity and EU industry

Today, Members of the European Parliament adopted the final agreement on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive. This vote is a vital step towards the energy transition and for the EUs competitiveness for industries. The Greens/EFA Group ensured that the share of renewable energies will increase from 32% to 42.5% by 2030, with the target to reach 45%.

Ville Niinistö MEP, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur for the Renewables Energy Directive in the Industry, Research and Energy committee, comments:

“Today’s vote in the European Parliament clears the way for a massive boost towards the energy transition, in a way that is affordable for citizens and reinforces the EU as an industrial bastion. The EU is saying goodbye to fossil fuels in our energy mix. The energy crisis has shown that we must be fully independent of oil and gas, especially from Russia. 

“More renewables in the power grid and much faster construction of wind turbines and solar plants mean lower prices for citizens and businesses. This will also create a real advantage for the EU as an industrial hub and for European competitiveness as a global actor. 

“Citizens will benefit from cheaper and more predictable electricity prices, but this is also making it simpler and more affordable to produce electricity on the roof or a balcony for personal consumption or to sell back to the grid.  

“Climate protection by accelerating renewables and nature conservation are deeply intertwined. We must tackle both the climate crisis and biodiversity crisis together and at the same time. Climate solutions that are harmful for nature must be carefully watched, like the role of biomass in renewable energy production.”

Increasing the use of renewable energies is part of the climate package Fit for 55 and the European Green Deal. It’s crucial in making the EU fit for climate neutrality, creating new and better jobs, boosting the economy and achieving European energy independence.  The directive aims to make access to renewables quicker by clearing red tape for the permit-granting processes for renewable energy projects, related storage and grid connections, without excessive derogations to existing environmental rules. 


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Ville Niinistö

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