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Copenhagen and beyond

delivering a meaningful deal on climate change - the Global Green perspective

Leading Green politicians from every corner of the globe will be in Copenhagen. This event is the only time they are speaking together on one stage, outlining their views on what a meaningful climate agreement is and how it can be achieved.

With the outcome of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen uncertain; this public event aims to give a Green perspective on how a meaningful and sufficient global deal on climate change can be reached before it is too late.The leading Green politicians taking part in this event are advocating a strong climate treaty and have important roles to play in decision-making at all levels.


Moderation and introduction: Monica Frassoni, Spokesperson of the European Green Party

Welcome: Representative of SF Party

Summary of the latest state of play: Rebecca Harms, Co-President of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament

  • Marina Silva,  Brazilian Green Party's potential Presidential Candidate and former Environment Minister of Brazil
  • Wangari Maathai, Nobel Laureate, Kenyan Green and former deputy Environment Minister of Kenya (to be confirmed)
  • José Bové, Renowned global environmental activist, Green Member of the European Parliament and former Spokesperson of the French small farmers' association
  • Christine Milne, Australian Green Senator and Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens
  • Elizabeth May, Canadian Green Party leader and former Director of the Canadian Sierra Club

Catherine Grèze, French Green MEP will facilitate a discussion with the audience.