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Resilience and resistance: the criminalisation of solidarity across Europe




We would like to invite you to the conference "Resilience and resistance: the criminalisation of solidarity across Europe” taking place on Wednesday 29 June from 9h30 to 11h30 in room ASP5E1 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Please register here by 22 June!

Acting in solidarity with migrants and refugees in the European Union has been difficult for years. The Greens/EFA’s new study, "Resilience and Resistance - in Defiance of the Criminalisation of Solidarity across Europe” shows that far from slowing down, criminalisation of migration and solidarity with people has been increasing in the EU in recent years and increasingly affects migrants and refugees themselves as well as smaller NGOs with less resources or connections. In addition to mapping trends in criminalisation throughout the EU, the study elaborates on recommendations to be taken by the EU.

The panel led by MEPs Saskia Bricmont and Grace O’Sullivan will include Marta Gionco (PICUM, co-author of the study), Tajana Tadic (Human Rights defender) and Omar Essa Mahdi (remote participation), criminalised in Croatia, Robin Bronlet (Progress Lawyers Network), Charlotte Kwantes (Utopia 56), Jelka Kretzschmar ("Free the El Hiblu 3" Campaign). Closing remarks by Michele LeVoy (Director of PICUM).

Join the discussion!

For interview requests we are happy to provide slots with the panellists.

WHAT? 1h conference, 30 min Q&A and 30 min informal exchange over coffee. 40 people maximum (register quickly!)
WHEN? 29 June 9h30 - 11h30
WHERE? European Parliament, Room A5E1

We hope to see you there.



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