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EFA MEPs support the new strategy to boost EU-Latin America relations

The EFA MEPs Ana Miranda and Jordi Solé intervened in the debate during the plenary session today, where MEPs debated the outcome of the EU-CELAC Summit.

The EU-CELAC Summit took place in July in Brussels after almost eight years since the last gathering. The summit aims to unite these states to strengthen the region’s political dialogue and social and cultural integration, improve quality of life, stimulate economic growth and advance the well-being of all of its people. 

“The alliance between Europe and Latin America is strategic and should be preferential, equitable and harmonious. Let us hope that for the first time there is a predisposition for the opportunity of regional cooperation based on mutual respect and reciprocity, which places nature and life at the centre of public policies. It is time for this bi-regional cooperation to be based on mutual respect, reciprocity, transparency, inclusiveness and solidarity.” Ana Miranda said.

“I believe that this willingness to deepen bilateral relations. European Union, CELAC. Latin America and the Caribbean is positive. It comes at a propitious time because interesting things are happening in some Latin American countries and because we need to diversify allied partners, not only in the commercial field but also in the political field.” Jordi Solé mentioned.

At the previous summit in 2015, the leaders agreed to work together for more prosperous, cohesive and inclusive societies, and at the end of the summit, they adopted a declaration, which was endorsed by all countries, except one.

EFA MEPs raised their concerns regarding these declarations and call for actual action and not just signatures on paper.

“Real cooperation and consultation, not a signature that remains on paper, as has been the case since 2015. Because until now Europe has spoken to Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean with a colonial position, not respecting the sovereignty and self-determination of the Peoples and plundering their natural resources.” Ana Miranda urged.

“Our partners, Latin America, are asking us, and rightly so, for this relationship to be a real relationship between equals, that does not just respond to the usual extractivist European commercial priorities, which also tend to be associated with human rights violations and negative impacts on the environment.” Jordi Solé said.

The Galician and Catalan MEPs urged to put human rights at the forefront of the objectives and to work on the environmental catastrophes the region is suffering 

“Human rights, environmental concerns and social justice must be at the centre of commitments. We also need a multilateral mechanism for monitoring and reviewing agreements.” Ana Miranda said.

“Finally, human rights and the fight against inequalities, which are particularly pressing in the region, must be at the heart of the relationship.” Jordi Solé concluded. 


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