What our interns say about their experience

Recent Greens/EFA stagaires on working for the group

What our interns say about their experience.

Last week we said goodbye to our interns who played an enormous role in assisting the work of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. We are very grateful for all their help and which them all the best for their future endeavours.

Curious about what they thought of their work here? Read their impressions and if you are interested in applying for an internship with us check the conditions here.

“I have spent five intense months in the Parliament with the Greens/EFA group. Taking part in the team working in the LIBE Committee requires doing your best every single moment. Dealing with Migration and Asylum policies means a full emotional and technical commitment. I had the opportunity to assist with the reform of the Common European Asylum System, to take part in the legislative process working in close collaboration with the advisors, the assistants and the MEPs. I learnt the functioning of the European Parliament, I developed my skills but most of all I was surprised by how many friendly people I met here, I will miss them so much.”

Sebastiano Badin

“On the surface, what goes on in the European Parliament can seem boring, obtuse and seems totally irrelevant to the everyday lives of people all around the continent. However, that’s not necessarily the case (at least not all of the time). Learning how to take the achievements of the Greens/EFA group and figure out ways to share them with ordinary people through social media and blog posts was a really amazing opportunity.

Whether it was trying to break Planned Obsolesce down into layman’s terms (it's where a company intentionally doesn't make their product built to last) or finding ways to communicate positions that were controversial in certain vocal circles of the internet (I won’t miss reading some of the nastier comments under posts about refugees), this role challenged me to communicate to a diverse, international audience.”

Diarmuid Burke

"The Greens/EFA group accomplishes highly necessary work in this house, defending the commons, the Earth, civil liberties and social justice. Negotiating within an agriculture Committee dominated by conservatives only made our political victories even sweeter. To find a sense to one’s work and to one’s action is energy for life, and the work that we have been doing makes so much sense, because an agricultural system that cannot produce without harming carries the seeds of its own destruction.”

Simon Gombert

"Working in AFET and DROI – and in general, in the Western Sahara campaign – has been a most thrilling experience! Foreign policy often times requires fast responses, making every day different from the other. I have had the chance to work very closely with other committees such as INTA, allowing me to have a better idea of what work in the European Parliament looks like. At the same time, having the opportunity to be surrounded by people who stand for Human Rights worldwide is utterly inspiring, which can keep you going through long days"

Paz Serra Portilla

 “There’s something about doing work and having it go towards something that matters. Working in communications with the Greens/EFA group does not only mean to do the “normal” comms work, but to work on all policy issues across the whole spectrum. Days can be very full and very fast, but in exchange no single day will ever be the same and you are up to date with everything that is going on. I was surprised by the huge amount of responsibility we were given - I never felt like just an intern but as a full member of a very great team.”

Tessa Schiefer



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