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EU must take all necessary measures to contain outbreak at source

Commenting on today's meeting of EU health ministers on the Ebola epidemic, Green health spokesperson Michèle Rivasi said: 
"The Ebola outbreak is out of control and the risk of contamination is not ruled out in Europe, as we have seen recently in Spain. The priority is to contain it at the source, but the measures taken so far have not been sufficient.
"Experts have underlined a serious lack of trained personnel on the ground, which would be compounded by mooted strikes. In addition to material aid already promised by the European Commission for medical facilities, it is necessary that EU member states send qualified personnel to train on site. 
"There is also an urgent need to repatriate European volunteers by air: they must be guaranteed they will be adequately taken care of in case of problems."


Press release
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Michèle Rivasi

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