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Great success for users

Digital Markets Act/Agreement

Commenting on the results of the final round of negotiations between the European Parliament, the EU Commission and the Council of the European Union on the Digital Markets Act, Marcel Kolaja, member of the Czech Pirate Party and Greens/EFA shadow in lead Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, said:

"We Greens/EFA welcome the agreement on the Digital Markets Act. The Digital Markets Act sets global standards for taming BigTech. With this Act, the EU has the chance to limit the market power of Big Tech and to protect consumers. The Digital Markets Act creates competition in the European single market, limits the market power of Internet corporations and strengthens the rights of users.

The outcome of the negotiations on the Digital Markets Act is a major success for consumer freedom of choice. We Greens/EFA have achieved interoperability requirements for messenger services in the negotiations, which break the monopoly of big tech companies, give consumers more freedom of choice and enable innovation in the markets."


Press release

@ European Union 2022 - Source : EP
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European Parliament Building Strasbourg © European Union 2017 - Source : EP
European Parliament Building Strasbourg © European Union 2017 - Source : EP

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Press release

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A great victory for consumers and the environment

Responsible MEPs

Marcel Kolaja
Marcel Kolaja
EP Quaestor, Member

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