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Parliament vote on mobility risks creating second class workers

Mobility Package

The majority of Members of the European Parliament, have just voted in favour of exemptions for a range of transport journeys from the Posting of Workers Directive. The mobility package has improved driving times, rest periods and cabotage. However, the decision to exclude truck drivers from minimum wage protection when they drive bilateral operations, from Country A to B to C and return, will lead to poorer pay and working conditions for many lorry drivers.

Negotiations with the Council and the Commission are expected to begin in the next legislative period. Unions across the EU had demonstrated against exploitative working conditions and unfair pay.

Keith Taylor, Greens/EFA spokesperson on transport, comments:

"A deterioration in current working conditions has just been prevented. After two working weeks, truck drivers are to retain the right to a long weekend, which may not be spent in the driver's cab. This position is in line with the judgment of the European Court of Justice that the cab is not a suitable resting place. In addition, drivers will get a trip back home paid at the end of these two weeks. There is a fear that the proposal will be watered down in the negotiations with the Council. We will fight any form of modern slavery on Europe's roads in the coming negotiations."

Jean Lambert, Green/EFA spokesperson on employment and social affairs, comments:

"This is a setback for all those who work day and night under poor conditions in the transport sector and for all those who work tirelessly for fairer working conditions. The principle of equal rights and equal pay for equal work must apply to everyone, and the race for the lowest standards must have no place in a social Europe."


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