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Parliament votes for Emily O'Reilly to continue work in holding EU institutions to account

European Ombudsman

Today, the European Parliament has voted to elect Emily O'Reilly to continue in her current role as European Ombudsman, an independent role that is designed to hold EU institutions and bodies to account, as well as promoting good administration. O'Reilly won in the third round of votes. There were five candidates in the first round. 

Margrete Auken MEP, Greens/EFA Coordinator in the Petitions Committee, comments:

"We would like to congratulate Emily O'Reilly on her re-election as European Ombudsman and we trust that she will continue her work in holding the EU institutions to account. The Office of Ombudsman is designed to be guarding citizen's rights and Emily O'Reilly has fulfilled that role with diligence and integrity, which is why we have supported her candidacy for re-election from the start. From Dieselgate, to MEPs expenses, Council transparency and the Selmayr case, Emily O'Reilly has done excellent work for European citizens in Brussels."


Daniel Freund MEP, Greens/EFA Coordinator in the Constitutional Affairs Committee, comments:

"Emily O'Reilly has made the most of her mandate and given more weight to the office of Ombudsman than her predecessors and that legacy should be preserved. Today's Parliament vote will give O'Reilly a strong mandate to continue being an independent voice for citizens."

"Throughout this process, it's clear that O'Reilly has ruffled some feathers in the past when it comes to ethics issues and that only speaks to her success. The office of the Ombudsman should be the thorn in the side to all those engaged in maladministration, conflicts of interest or revolving doors."