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Working conditions

Lorry drivers cannot be subject to race to the bottom in labour standards

The European Parliament will today debate the situation regarding working conditions and the application of the minimum wage for lorry drivers. The European Commission has asked Germany to clarify its application of new minimum wage legislation on lorry drivers carrying out activities within Germany but the issue has implications for the transport sector across the EU. Commenting ahead of the debate, Green transport spokesperson Karima Delli said:

"It is concerning that the EU Commission is questioning the application of basic labour standards in the road transport sector. As we have also seen in the air transport and shipping sectors, the mobile workforce in the transport sector is particularly vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers. Instead of facilitating a race to the bottom in labour standards, the Commission should promote minimum standards and ensure they also apply to the transport sector, which also has implications for road safety."

Green employment spokesperson Terry Reintke, added:

"Exempting lorry drivers or other transport workers from basic labour law, including minimum wages, amounts to social and wage dumping. The imbalance between an integrated internal market and unfettered service provision on the one hand and the lack of common social standards on the other cannot be allowed to continue. The European Commission must present legislation setting minimum standards for working conditions and fair pay in the transport sector, especially for highly mobile workers."