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Income diversification opportunities and access to EU funding for small-scale fishers in the EU

A study from Greens/EFA ecological transition cluster



Small-scale fisheries (SSF) play a vital role in supporting the livelihood of coastal communities and local economies, and are known to have a smaller impact on the environment when compared with large-scale fisheries.

Over the past few decades, intensive fishing practices have caused a dramatic decline in marine biodiversity with serious consequences on the resilience of SSF.

To make matters worse, the current system does not allow a fair allocation of fishing opportunities in the EU, as required by the Common Fisheries Policy, and causes SSF to face increasing competition from other fleet segments.

To ensure a fair transition towards a more sustainable fishing industry and the achievement of Green Deal objectives, it is essential to recognise the importance of small-scale fisheries and secure their future through the sound implementation of available EU instruments by Member States and local authorities.

With this study, we aim to provide an overview of the status of SSF in the EU, as well as the EU funding opportunities currently available for SSF and best practices promoting income diversification for the segment.

Facilitating access to EU funding and scaling up best practices for income diversification will be crucial to ensure the segment’s resilience.

In this report, the researchers provide a comprehensive analysis of key elements promoting successful income diversification initiatives and access to funding for SSF, as well as the main obstacles to unlocking their full potential.

The recommendations will prove valuable to policymakers and stakeholders across the EU to improve the resilience of SSF at the national and local level.

Rosa D’Amato
Member of the European Parliament for Italy
Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament



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