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Sign with climate justice message
Job |

Climate Campaign reinforcement

The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament is looking for a full-time climate campaign reinforcement to support our current climate campaigner (fixed-term contractual agent contract of one year, function group III).
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video camera / CC0 vanilla-bear-films
Job |

2 Videographers - Communications Unit

The first position is a fixed-term contractual agent position, function group III, until 30/06/2024. The second position is a fixed-term contractual agent position, function group III, for 6 months between end of November 2022 and June 2023 (Maternity leave replacement).


The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament offers full-time paid internships of 5 months at its Secretariat in Brussels. These are established to give students or people who have recently graduated from university the opportunity to build on the knowledge acquired during their studies and to familiarise themselves with the activities of the Greens/EFA Group in the EP.

Before applying, please read the detailed information and conditions.


There are two starting dates for internships with corresponding application deadlines. 

Deadline for receipt of applications

Beginning of internship

31 October, 23:59 CET


31 May, 23:59 CET



Your application shall consist of the following documents in English (in this order):

  • The completed internship form (available here)
  • Your CV (Europass or resume)
  • A motivation letter

Please save your application in PDF format as one file as follows “Application_your name” (example: Application_Smith) and send it by email to the Greens/EFA Human Resources department:

Please indicate in the subject title of the email the preferred starting date (February or September internship programme).

Additional documents (recommendation letters, university diploma, etc.) are not necessary and will not be taken into account at this stage.


For further information, feel free to contact the the Human Resources department.

Read what our past interns say about their experience with the Greens/EFA Group