EU-China Summit

Emissions trading, Syria, human rights: EU must not avoid sensitive issues in Beijing

The 14th EU-China summit will take place tomorrow in Beijing. The Greens/EFA believe that there are many points which have to be thoroughly discussed with the Chinese leadership - from emissions trade in air traffic, export restrictions of rare earths, to human rights and Tibet. Ahead of the EU-Chin...

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Stop climate change blog

Moving to a 30% carbon target makes eco-nomic sense

Today the Environment Committee gives its position on the EU low carbon roadmap. The Greens ask for the EU ETS to be fixed urgently in order to put and end to high-carbon investments and prevent a carbon price crash...

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Rare Earths

EU needs an innovation offensive for rare earths

Commenting on China’s announced cuts in its export quotas for rare earths for the first half year of 2012, Reinhard Bütikofer, spokesperson on industrial affairs for the Greens/EFA Group and Rapporteur on raw materials for the European Parliament, said: “China continues to revise its export quo...

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The Green New Deal

More than a policy, a programme for living

The Green New Deal is more than just another “eco-friendly” policy - it’s a plan for a rethink of priorities in addressing the way we live and work. Therefore the Green New Deal proposes a comprehensive, economic, social and environmental transformation, from infrastructure and sustainable industrial policies to investment in peoples’ wellbeing and redistribution of wealth.

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ITER nuclear fusion

No austerity for ITER with EU budget to bankroll ballooning funding costs

The European Parliament's budget committee is today set to approve a deal reached between EP negotiators and the Council on how to meet €1.3 billion in additional funding requirements for the ITER nuclear fusion project under the EU budget (1). The Greens have hit out at the deal, which will see m...

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“Horizon 2020: Investing in the common good”


Recorded livestream of the event 30.11.2011

Horizon 2020 is the EU´s framework programme for research and innovation. This conference will explore how EU funding can promote economically and socially sustainable innovation models with the aim of more openness, easier accessibility and higher result-oriented efficiency. The conference will examine what it means to treat knowledge as a public good in policy making and how this should affect future EU funding schemes for research and innovation.


Research, innovation and SMEs

Broad welcome to Horizon 2020 and SME frameworks; vigilance needed to avoid greenwashing

The European Commission today presented Horizon 2020, the EU's framework for research and innovation from 2014-20, as well as the EU SMEs and Competiveness programme. The Greens gave a broad welcome to the Horizon 2020 proposals, notably its increased budget and apparently greater focus on the green...

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The Green Race

Which countries are on course to win the green race?

A fun, informative and interactive tool showing which countries have already taken the lead in renewable energies. Bet on your favourite country and get an overview of the climate policies, research investments and green technologies development of other countries

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G20 summit

Failure looms as French G20 presidency promises ring hollow

Commenting on the G20 summit in Cannes, Green economic spokesperson Sven Giegold said: "The French G20 presidency has failed to live up to its promises to address the main challenges of the world economy. There has been no meaningful progress towards more balance between currency zones, while m...


Horizon 2020


Engaging stakeholders in the future Research and Innovation Framework

HORIZON 2020, the new EU Research and Innovation programme to be unveiled by the end of the year, could radically transform the financing landscape of European R&I. How do we ensure the new programme has a balanced governance system, includes a variety of stakeholders from an early stage, allo...

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The first European Semester and its contribution to the EU2020 Strategy

A study commissioned by the Greens/EFA

The Commission doesn't care about the objectives it sets for itself. This is how we could summarise the study realised for the Greens on the European Semester. This study is the first of its kind to check through all the recommendations that the EU has addressed to the 27 member states and to analyse their coherence with regard to the performances of these member states and their country-specific objectives.

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Facing the dragon


Will China hold the keys of the green economy?

Chinese goals of economic policy are fully funded; EU goals are not. To which extent can China and the EU be partners and/or competitors on green technologies and new forms of cleaner energy? Does China have the capacity to outgrow and possibly kill Europe’s blooming green industry? China faces huge challenges in reaching its goals - but the EU is wasting its lead in the low carbon race. It's time for Europe to get its act together.

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