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Is shale gas really a bridge fuel to clean energy?

If shale gas is presented by certain countries as being a bridge fuel to clean energy, more and more researchers across the globe warn that it may have an even worse climate change impact than coal...

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EU raw materials strategy

MEPs call for sustainable and future-oriented raw materials strategy

The European Parliament industry committee today adopted a report on the EU's raw materials strategy with a big majority. After the vote, Green MEP and draftsperson/rapporteur Reinhard Bütikofer said: "The EP industry committee today sent a clear signal on the direction of the EU's raw materia...

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Medical innovation prizes instead of monopolies


A Greens/EFA Conference.

This conference will bring together policy makers, experts, and representatives from civil society, industry and patient organisations to discuss new models for innovation in the biomedical sector.

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No Sustainable Resources without new own resources

Greens/EFA position paper

The EU is facing a major economic and social crisis, together with the food, energy and climate crises, which are multiple manifestations of the limits of our model of development and the mechanisms that support it. The current debt crisis has led Member States to curb public spending and propose au...



The EU must turn the page on nuclear fusion and put its weight behind renewables

The Green MEPs Bart Staes, Isabelle Durant and Michèle Rivasi were in the delegation of MEPs that visited Cadarache, France from 16 to 18 May 2011 to evaluate the progress of the ITER project of an experimental nuclear fusion reactor. A visit which comes at a time of financial tension, the cost hav...

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Plenary Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary session in Strasbourg 9-12 May 2011

Highlights for the Greens included the votes of the reports on lobbying transparency and registering lobbyists, on the discharge of the EU's 2009 budget and on investment agreements with 3rd countries. The debates on Schengen, on nuclear safety, on novel foods and on Syria were also our priorities during this plenary week.

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Small Business Act Review

Think-Small, yes, but Act-Big!

We are reminded daily how SMEs, accounting for the vast majority of all business in Europe, is fundamental to the EU economy and how we should do more for supporting them. However, the Small Business Act, aiming primarily at reducing bureaucracy, improving access to markets and to financing, remain...


Raw materials


A Green strategy

In the context of the Bütikofer report, the Greens in the European Parliament are hosting a public conference with high level experts to define a Green strategy on raw materials. MEPs and experts will discuss the effects of exploitation and preservation of raw materials on trade and development, resource efficiency. The conference will also question the impact of speculation on commodities markets and discuss the possible regulation of these markets in the perspective of future legislation at European and global level

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Nuclear industry

New independent study highlights accelerating decline of the nuclear industry

Preliminary findings of a new independent study on the status of the nuclear industry were presented today in the European Parliament at a press conference hosted by the Greens/EFA group (1). The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2010-11 (the final version of which will be presented to the Worldw...

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Power sector emissions

Breakthrough in the Netherlands underlines case for EU emissions performance standard

Dutch energy utility Vatenfall-Nuon today agreed to suspend a planned coal gasification plant and to an emissions performance standard for all new power plants. The emissions performance standard is set at 360 gram CO2 per kilowatt-hour, which is less than half the emissions of a regular coal power ...


EU energy council

Lack of direction in EU energy policy underlined by energy ministers

Commenting on the council of EU energy ministers today, Green energy spokesperson Claude Turmes said: "Energy ministers have today underlined the directionless nature of EU energy policy, following on from the precedent set by EU leaders at the energy summit earlier this month. What should ha...


Korea trade agreement

MEPs approve far-reaching FTA, endorsing environmental loopholes for European gas guzzlers

The European Parliament today gave its approval to a controversial free trade agreement with South Korea. The Greens have expressed concerns about the far-reaching nature of the agreement, including provisions under which Korean car emissions rules have been manipulated to allow European car makers ...