Energy subsidies

Oettinger's shameful massaging of figures cannot hide truth on distorting coal and nuclear subsidies

The European Commission is set to present a report today on the situation with regard to public subsidies for energy in Europe. The Greens hit out at the intervention by EU energy commissioner Oettinger to change the Commission’s own findings, with a few to masking the level of aid received by nuc...

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Energy subsidies

Oettinger must not be allowed to hide the truth about distorting coal and nuclear subsidies

The European Commission is set to present a report on the situation with regard to state aid for energy in Europe. Ahead of the presentation, the Greens have expressed concern about reported pressure from EU energy commissioner Oettinger to change the Commission’s own findings, to play down the le...


State aid for nuclear power

Commission indicates no change in EU state aid rules

The European Commission yesterday indicated it would not come forward with proposals to change EU rules on state aid rules, with a view to facilitating state aid for nuclear power as had been mooted (1) The Greens welcomed the outcome of the Commission's orientation debate, with Greens/EFA co-presid...

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Greens/EFA Study Days


1-2 October 2013

Greens/EFA hold a two-day internal meeting to exchange views and debate on strategies.


Lobbying and transparency

Bonanza week for dirty lobbyists in European Parliament

Another plenary week, another list of successes for dirty lobbyists in the European Parliament. With the sound of popping corks ringing around the offices of public affairs and industry representatives in Brussels, let's take a look back at their 'achievements' of this week, with the help of their c...


Biofuels, land use and climate

EP takes tentative step to addressing flaws in EU biofuels policy but problems remain and rules delalyed

The European Parliament today voted on legislative proposals on biofuels, aimed at curbing the negative impact on the climate associated with indirect land use change (ILUC) due to biofuel production. The Greens welcomed the vote to ensure that the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from changes in ...

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State Aid Guidelines

New study makes proposals to square guidelines with Europe 2020 strategy

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New EU rules governing state subsidies for energy

Full speed ahead back to nuclear power!

The European Commission is preparing to review the guidelines for state aid in the energy sector. Even though the Commission's proposals will probably only be unveiled after the German Bundestag election on 22 September, the Greens have already obtained a draft version of the new rules. This draft t...

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State Aid for nuclear

Giving public support to an expensive technology failure?

The UK government has been since months in lengthy negotiations with the French energy provider EDF, over subsidy payments for planned nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C. These public subsidies, known as Contracts for Difference (CfD) are meant to cover the financing costs of the project, and need ...


Green alternatives for Europe


Video of the press conference Weds. 29 May 2013 - with Rebecca Harms and Jürgen Trittin

Between the two EU summits in May and June, prominent politicians from Green parties in Europe held a 'shadow summit' on 29 May in Brussels aimed at formulating alternatives to the conservative and neo-liberal policies of the EU's ruling majority. Rebecca Harms and Jürgen Trittin, leaders of the Green parliamentary groups in Brussels and Berlin respectively, held a press conference to outline the political agenda up to the European elections in May 2014. The Greens want a fresh start in Europe and want a new government in Germany to lead the shift to socially responsible and sustainable EU policies.

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