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Clean Energy for all South-East Europeans

09:30   Opening by Davor Škrlec, MEP Greens/EFA 09:45 Panel I - Energy transition in South-East Europe Moderation: Ulrike Lunacek, MEP Greens/EFA Cost effective renewables potential in SEE region, Michael Taylor, IRENA Landscape level planning to unlock renewables pot...
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Making the EU Number One in Renewables

As part of the 'Clean Energy 4 All' package, come and discuss with key actors the challenges and opportunities provided by the new renewable directive. Be active to contribute to a successful European energy transition towards a fully sustainable renewables-based economy. Join the Greens/EFA conference on 10th of May
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EU Environment Ministers show a little courage on carbon market reform

Following the European Parliament, EU member state's environment ministers have now set out their negotiating position on the reform of the EU's emissions trading scheme (ETS). The climate ministers agreed to take steps to curb the oversupply where it risks to undermine future climate targets, but have still fallen far short of the reform…
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EU needs concrete action towards robust energy and climate governance

The Energy Council meets today to discuss the Winter Energy Package. We need more concrete proposals for delivering better energy and climate governance, says Claude Turmes.
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solar panels
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Energy Union

A few weeks ago, the EU Commission presented the ‘winter package’, a series of eight legislative proposals which will enable the Energy Union project to be put in place. For the Greens, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and the citizens of the EU are the three key elements that should be at the heart of this project.
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Commission's Winter Package

The European Commission has today presented its Winter Package, containing a series of legislative proposals on the future energy policy of the European Union. The proposals fall far short of what will be needed to match the ambitions agreed under the Paris Agreement.
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EU energy rules

The European Parliament today adopted two reports setting out its assessment of how the EU’s laws on energy efficiency and renewable energy are being implemented. The Greens welcomed the votes, which called for more ambition, ahead of reviews of the legislation expected to be presented by the ...
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EU investment plan

The European Commission today presented a review of the EU investment plan (EFSI), which was presented in January 2015. Reacting to the review and the progress on the plan, Greens/EFA co-president Philippe Lamberts stated: "The 'Juncker Plan' was introduced with much fanfare but this review onl...
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Nuclear is not the solution to our energy needs

The ‘Alliance of Regions for Phasing out Nuclear Power across Europe’ signed a declaration opposing a pro-nuclear path for Europe's energy policy and called on the EU to fully embrace the energy transition.
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The Russian Presence in the European Energy Market

ABOUT THE CONFERENCE The objective of the Greens/EFA and Policy Solutions’ joint conference is to investigate and debate Russian energy investments in the EU and their overall impact. As significant portion of Russian FDI are connected to Russian energy exports, the European institutions and Me...