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Greens/EFA Round up

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary week included: Conservation of fishery resources and protection of marine ecosystems; Women, gender equality and climate justice; EU plastic strategy; No spyware for dictators: stricter rules for dual-use exports; Clean energy package: put Paris into practice; Priorities for the new Bulgari…
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The EU must become a world leader on renewables

The European Parliament has voted on its position for the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive, part of the European Commission’s Clean Energy Package. The report sets out targets for renewable energy for 2030 and calls for an end to the use of palm oil in biofuels.
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Renewable energy

Europe is currently negotiating its future energy policy for the next decade. In the European Parliament the Greens are responsible for the negotiations of its most important parts and are pushing for ensuring that energy comes only from renewable energy sources. Because, there is much more to renewable energy than meets the eye...
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One Planet Summit

Following the COP23 and its new alliance, Powering Past Coal, signed by 25 entities to ensure the phasing out of coal from power generation by 2030, the goal of concrete, imminent action against global warming is being pursued in Paris at the One Planet Summit, on 12 December. The Greens urge leaders to turn away from all fossil fuels and…
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Binding targets are needed if EU is to be world leader on renewables

Claude Turmes and Bas Eickhout respond to the weak renewable energy targets agreed by the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy committee. "“The EU should be striving to become the world leader in renewables. An ambitious renewables policy with national binding targets is key to cutting costs and accelerating the energy t…
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Greens/EFA Food campaign
Plant fuels
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Biofuel stitch-up

A powerful biofuel lobby is behind the recast of the Renewable Energy Directive, and MEPs are inviting them into the parliament for dinner.
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Clean Energy for all South-East Europeans

09:30   Opening by Davor Škrlec, MEP Greens/EFA 09:45 Panel I - Energy transition in South-East Europe Moderation: Ulrike Lunacek, MEP Greens/EFA Cost effective renewables potential in SEE region, Michael Taylor, IRENA Landscape level planning to unlock renewables pot...
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Making the EU Number One in Renewables

As part of the 'Clean Energy 4 All' package, come and discuss with key actors the challenges and opportunities provided by the new renewable directive. Be active to contribute to a successful European energy transition towards a fully sustainable renewables-based economy. Join the Greens/EFA conference on 10th of May
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EU Environment Ministers show a little courage on carbon market reform

Following the European Parliament, EU member state's environment ministers have now set out their negotiating position on the reform of the EU's emissions trading scheme (ETS). The climate ministers agreed to take steps to curb the oversupply where it risks to undermine future climate targets, but have still fallen far short of the reform…
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EU needs concrete action towards robust energy and climate governance

The Energy Council meets today to discuss the Winter Energy Package. We need more concrete proposals for delivering better energy and climate governance, says Claude Turmes.