Towards resilient territories


Energy, Transport, Food in 2030

What will Europe look like in 2030? On the eve of major changes that will occur in the world and in Europe, we must consider a territorial organization to live in the best possible conditions for the coming decades, particularly in the areas of energy, transport and feeding.

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EU summit

Welcome cooperation against Russia but missed opportunity for EU energy policy

Commenting on the outcome of today's EU summit, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: "A new sense of unity has been evident at this summit, which has helped Ukraine. EU heads of state and government have today sent a strong European signal to Ukrainian citizens and the transitional gover...

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Green Jobs

Successes and opportunities for Europe

By greening our economies, we can provide high-quality green jobs to fight unemployment and at the same time combat climate change and environmental decline. The EU can only benefit from such efforts. There is strong evidence to suggest that the green transition will have a positive impact on employment, reflecting the fact that sustainable economic activities like saving energy or farming organically are more labour-intensive than the activities they replace.

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Greens/EFA Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary week Strasbourg 3-6 February 2014

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg plenary included fighting homophobia, smart grids and decentralised renewables, enforcing EU law, insider trading, trade dumping, EU climate and energy policy to 2030, air passenger rights and compensation, securing basic rights for seasonal workers, winding up failing banks, fatal pushback of refugees, the Ukrainian crisis and the EU’s role and the progress report on Macedonia.

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EU climate and energy policy

Call for binding EU climate and energy targets for 2030 must be heeded by governments

The European Parliament today adopted a report setting out the EP's position in the debate on the EU's climate and energy policy to 2030. The Greens welcomed the support for binding EU climate and energy targets for 2030, coming just weeks after the Commission presented proposals lacking in ambition...

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Smart Grids

EP recognises importance of smart grids but underlines need for data protection

The European Parliament today voted in favour of a report by Green MEP Elisabeth Schroedter on the role smart grids at regional and local level. Commenting after the vote, Elisabeth Schroedter said: "The European Parliament has today underlined the crucial role of smart grids in the move towar...

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Environmental policy in the European Semester: assessing progress to date

A report prepared by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament

This Greens/EFA study draws a critical analysis of environmental policy in the current European Semester and discusses avenues for greening the EU semester process.


EU climate and energy policy

Fossil fuel juggernaut to benefit under Conservative jackknife of EU climate policy

The European Commission today presented its proposals for EU climate and energy policy to 2030. The proposals are intended to frame a decision by EU leaders at a summit in Brussels in March on the direction of EU energy policy to 2030. The Greens hit out at the lack of ambition in the proposals. Com...

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Carbon capture and storage technology

Not the solution to Europe’s fossil fuel addiction

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EU climate and energy policy

MEPs vote to support binding trio of EU climate and energy targets for 2030

The European Parliament's environment and energy committees today voted on a draft report setting out the EP's position in the debate on the EU's climate and energy policy to 2030. The Greens welcomed the support for binding EU climate and energy targets for 2030, with climate and energy spokesperso...

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The 2030 Energy and climate package

Why having three binding targets does matter

At the end of this month, the European Commission is to publish a communication on the energy and climate package for 2030. The Parliament has started debating the subject a few months ago. The discussions are heated between those who favour a single greenhouse gas reduction target only and those -...


Citizens' energy for a good climate


A participatory debate about Poland and its future

At the next COP19, all eyes will be on Poland. Not only will the country have the chance to lead the UN climate negotiations and play a key role on the international stage, it will also have an opportunity to weight in the debate about the future of the European Union itself. For this reason, the Greens/EFA group would like organise a debate with both the Polish citizens and activists from around the world. Our aim is to give everybody an opportunity to express their views about the Polish, European and global choices about the future.

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