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European Union
Hemicycle European Parliament Strasbourg
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Plenary Flash 4-7 October 2021

During the plenary session, the European Parliament will debate the role of development policy in response to biodiversity loss in developing countries, EU solutions to the rise of energy prices, artificial intelligence in criminal law and biometric surveillance, state of play of RRF recovery plans, EU-US relations, European health prepar…
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Ruben de Rijcke (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Car emissions
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WHO recommends tighter limits on air pollutants - EU must catch up

The World Health Organisation's guidelines send a clear signal for clean air and our health. The recommendations are a call for the European Commission to do more for air quality in the EU. People in the EU have a right to clean air.
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Ending Modern Day Slavery: Towards an EU Import Ban on Forced Labour

Around 25 million people are estimated to be in forced labour around the world. The products they make often land in the European market, and so we unwillingly consume and contribute to this exploitation. But this should not be the case! The European Parliament has called several times for a new EU ...
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Tech your pick: Beating the giants with interoperability

The Digital Services Act package is Europe’s ambitious plan to revise the rules for how online services, such as social media networks, should be regulated. In a new series of webinars, renowned international experts will share their insights on Europe’s digital future.
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Press release |

Better tackle unsafe products sold online

The Commission has presented its proposal to revise the Product Safety Directive. The Commission wants to ensure that products on the EU internal market meet the high requirements of EU-wide safety standards. Safety deficiencies are regularly found in gadgets containing toxic chemicals, technical devices such as smoke detectors and medic…
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Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash
Water tap - Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash
Press release |

Clean water for the whole EU

EU-wide clean drinking water is a great success for the initiative from civil society. We owe it to the efforts of civil society that our drinking water will be cleaner in the future. For the first time, limit values for endocrine disruptors and stricter values for lead will make tap water cleaner. All of Europe will see the roll out of p…
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Affordable and Accessible Medicines for All

We need to alter the current innovation model for pharmaceuticals if we want to ensure accessible and affordable medicines for all. Ensuring access to all medicines for patients in need is a core human rights obligation, linked with the principles of equality, non-discrimination and transparency.
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© Picture credits : Denilo @Unsplash
COVID-19 virus
Press release |

New study shows breaches of rule of law during first Covid wave

Greens/EFA group MEPs working on rights and democracy, have released a first of kind legal study into the emergency measures taken by EU member states during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, assessing the impact on the democracy and the rule of law, free movement of people, asylum and refugee protections and data protection.
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Vaccines & medicines must be affordable & accessible to all

The European Commission presented its Pharmaceutical Strategy. The Strategy aims to ensure the supply of medicines and vaccines to all people in the European Union and to encourage innovation by European pharmaceutical companies. The Greens/EFA group welcomes the Pharmaceutical Strategy and calls for more transparency in investment and th…
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Towards a sustainable Single Market focused on consumers

The European Parliament voted in favour of the report by Greens/EFA MEP David Cormand which is part of the action plan for the Circular Economy, one of the pillars of the European Green Deal. In particular, it calls for the sustainability and reparability of products, reuse and the development of the collaborative economy sector.