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Greens/EFA Debriefing

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week included: Hungary – Rule of Law, Amazon Fires, Christine Lagarde appointed President of the European Central Bank, Climate Debate Ahead of UN Summit, Brexit, New von der Leyen Commission, Money Laundering Greens/EFA nominees for the Sakharov Prize, Patentability of plants and essential biologica…
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The abuse of European Patent law must stop!

This Thursday, 19 September, the European Parliament will vote on a resolution on the issue of the patentability of biological plants and animals, aka plants and animals that could be found in nature or bred by farmers.
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What's coming up in Parliament

A look ahead to the plenary session in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the Greens/EFA priority issues on the agenda
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Greens/EFA call for new proposal for Common European Agricultural Policy

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a damming report on climate change and the devastating effects of desertification, land degradation, land management its consequences for people, animals, the environment and climate.
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The Mercosur trade agreement is a bad compromise

The Mercosur trade agreement is a bad compromise and it is comes at the wrong time when there is an increasing demand for sustainable development. The price for the Mercosur agreement will be paid by farmers, the environment and the climate.
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Member States' climate plans need far more ambition

The European Commission has released its assessment of EU Member States' National Energy and Climate Plans, and found that national governments need to step up their ambitions to meet EU climate and energy targets and be in line with the Paris Agreement.
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Avoiding ecosystem collapse will require a different Common Agricultural Policy

In Paris a few weeks ago, a report on biodiversity and aimed at global decision makers was released, anouncing the extinction of 1 million species in the coming years - meaning a collapse of our ecosystems and dire consequences for human beings throughout in the world. However, the report, produced by the intergovernmental platform IPBES,…
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Phosphate additives in food

Eighteen months ago, the Parliament voted on an objection, co-tabled by Greens/EFA MEP Bart Staes, to the authorisation of phosphate additives in kebab meat. Whilst the sole aim of the objection was to protect human health, in line with the law governing food additives, it was narrowly rejected. ...
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Thirty six objections and counting

Thirty six. That is the number of objections that the European Parliament has voted through, against the draft authorisations of genetically modified plants in the EU put forward by the European Commission (the most recent objections against a GM soy and a GM maize). In 24 of these cases, the European Commission has happily ignored both …
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Parliament approves greater transparency on approval of pesticides and GMOs

Public interest and people's health is more important than protecting the secrets of chemical giants or not embarrassing the European Food Safety Authority. The complete lack of transparency in the authorisation of pesticides, genetic engineering and food additives, will finally be addressed.