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Forest fires in southern Europe and their consequences and the conclusions to draw for prevention and alert measures

Tabled by Michail Tremopoulos, François Alfonsi and Raul RomevaOn behalf of the Greens/EFA Group The European Parliament, – having regard to its resolutions of 7 September 2006 on forest fires and floods, 5 September 2002 on floods in Europe , 14 April 2005 on the drought in Portugal, 12 ...
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Strasbourg Flash September 2009

The highlight of next week's European Parliament plenary week is the scheduled vote on Barroso's second term on Wednesday, 16 September. On Monday, however, the Greens will call for a vote on the agenda to postpone this decision to after the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
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Greens/EFA Group demands for the next EU Commission

This autumn will see the launch of a new five-year mandate for the European Commission and its chosen President. Europe needs the Commission to play a vital role as it responds to the triple economic, social and environmental crisis. The Greens/EFA Group have outlined essential considerations for the new Commission.
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Greens/EFA letter to Barroso on bluefin tuna

Greens/EFA MEPs Isabella Lövin (Sweden) and Raül Romeva (Spain) have written to Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso to request the Commission’s support for a proposal to list bluefin tuna on Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
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The role of GMOs in the new Member States

This report gives an overview on presence, use and authorisation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the New Member States of the European Union. It critically appraises political developments and highlights the role of the organic farming sector as well as Citizen's movements.
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Join the food revolution

Food is essential. We need it for our lives, health and well being.Good food is political. And as such we need a good food policy that includes the right of the poor to feed themselves; that reflects the sustainability and diversity of agriCultures and that shares responsibilities between farmers,...
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Agriculture MEP heads to Highland show - nominated in Scottish Farmer Awards

SNP MEP Alyn Smith will be meeting with stakeholders from across the agriculture sector as well as enjoying the craic when he visits the Highland Show in Ingliston this week. Smith will be there formally on Thursday and Friday to meet with stakeholders, and have a more relaxed day on Saturday.Mr Smi...
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Animal cloning

EU agriculture ministers, meeting in Luxembourg, have today agreed to include meat and food products sourced from cloned animals in the proposed 'Novel Foods Regulation', which is a potential stepping stone towards legislation to authorise such products. UK Green MEP Caroline Lucas commented: "...
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The Greens' Book

Greens present an overview of their activities in the European Parliament and highlight their achievements during the legislative period while presenting what they want for the new Parliament.
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Pesticides - An explosive cocktail

Thanks to the Greens, EU legislation on pesticides has been significantly strengthened. Pesticides that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or damage reproduction will be phased out in Europe, unless exposure to them is negligible. Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic substances (PBTs) will not b...