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EUCO: EU Strategic Agenda needs to focus on climate change

Today, EU leaders are meeting in Brussels for an extraordinary European Council summit. The summit will focus on the Strategic Agenda as well as the ongoing war in Ukraine and the unrest in the Middle East.
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A rethink of the EU’s strategy in the Sahel

This report undertakes a strategic review of the strategies of the EU for the Sahel from a critical perspective that highlights the broadly securitized framework that has influenced them. It also provides a rethink of the EU’s strategy in the Sahel
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Greens/EFA call for investigation into and consequences for Russian interference

At the initiative of the Greens/EFA Group, Members of the European Parliament will debate the revelations about alleged Russian payments to, among others, German AfD MP Petr Bystron.
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Politicians, parties, polls: Online Disinformation and Information Manipulation Targeting Elections in Germany, Spain and Slovakia

Disinformation has emerged as a significant threat during democratic processes and in particular elections. This study examines instances of disinformation during the 2021 German federal election, the 2023 Spanish general election, and the 2023 Slovak parliamentary election using novel fact-checking datasets comprising 150 different elect…
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EU leaders must stand firm on support for Ukraine & candidate countries

During the European Council summit, EU leaders will focus on Ukraine, enlargement and agriculture policy. "We need to better coordinate our efforts to supply Ukraine with the tools and resources it needs to win this war." said Philippe Lamberts. On agriculture policy, "the European Commission's hastily proposed revision of the CAP defies …
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The EU-Chile Trade Agreement: A challenge to European agriculture and global values

The EFA MEPs Lydie Massard, Diana Riba and Ana Miranda, spoke during the debate on the EU-Chile agreement, to raise their concerns over the implications for European farmers.
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Ukraine flag
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After two years of war EU & allies must remain steadfast in support for Ukraine

We urge the Commission to start with the implementation of the Facility immediately and to spare no effort to make sure Ukraine can benefit from the Facility as soon as possible. This is vital at a time when further support for Ukraine is currently stalled in the US Congress.
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François Alfonsi urges International action amidst alarming situation in Armenia

EFA MEP François Alfonsi spoke in plenary to address the concerning situation in Armenia, Alfonsi underscored the gravity of the challenges facing the nation. Reflecting on the devastating impact of the 2020 war against Artsakh.
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Hemicycle European Parliament Strasbourg
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Plenary Flash 26 - 29 February

On the agenda this week: Nature Restoration Law, protection of the environment through criminal law, Alexei Navalny, data collection and sharing by short-term accommodation services, detergent Regulation, protection of journalists and human rights defenders and the Ukraine.
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Picture of Alexei Navalny
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Death of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

Greens/EFA are deeply saddened to hear about the tragic passing of Alexei Navalny. His death marks a dark day for Russia and he will be sorely missed. Sadly, Navalny joins the long list of critics of the Russian regime who have died after standing up to the corruption and kleptocracy of Vladimir Putin.