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Opinion |

EU GMO rules are under attack

Benoît Biteau Eleonora Evi Claude Gruffat Martin Häusling Tilly Metz Michèle Rivasi Thomas Waitz Sarah Wiener
Opinion by Benoît Biteau & Eleonora Evi & Claude Gruffat & Martin Häusling & Tilly Metz & Michèle Rivasi & Thomas Waitz & Sarah Wiener
The European Commission is trying to weaken the EU’s regulations on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It plans to exclude some GMOs from the regulations. Like this, agricultural corporations could market them without GMO authorisation, traceability or labelling.
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Event |

Genetic engineering for sustainable food systems?

The Commission plans to exclude certain GM plants from the EU requirements for GMO authorisation, traceability and labelling. We have discussed this plan with a scientist, a farmer, a plant breeder and a non-GMO certifier, as well as a representative from the European Commission itself.
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Study |

Genome edited plants in the EU

The report by ENSSER and CSS deconstructs the claims made in the EASAC-endorsed Leopoldina Statement, critically assesses the scientific foundations of both publications and provides some of the information, omitted by the Statements, that is publicly available as scientific evidence and research results. Assessing and fact-checking the …
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beakers GMOs
News |

Opinion poll on the labelling of GM crops

An Ipsos opinion poll shows that the vast majority (86%) of Europeans who have heard of genetically modified (GM) crops want food produced from these plants to be labelled as such. It also shows that the majority (68%) of respondents who have heard of new GM techniques want food produced with these techniques also labelled as GM.
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Opinion |

New GM technology has no place in sustainable farming

Benoît Biteau Martin Häusling
Opinion by Benoît Biteau & Martin Häusling
New report shows that new GM technology won’t solve the problems of industrial agriculture and will undermine nature, climate protection and the European Green Deal.
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Event |

Gene editing - the reality behind the hype

In this online event, experts will respond to questions such as: How does gene editing work? What can it achieve? How does it compare with older-style genetic engineering technology? Who is promoting it and why? And what does it mean to maintain the EU’s regulatory framework or not?
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Study |

Gene Editing Myths and Reality

An unprecedented drive is under way to promote new genetic modification techniques that are collectively termed gene editing. A new report looks at the claims and shows them to be at best misleading and at worst deceptive.
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Opinion |

Stop the import of GM crops destroying nature

Eleonora Evi Tilly Metz
Opinion by Eleonora Evi & Tilly Metz
MEPs Tilly Metz and Eleonora Evi argue that the EU must no longer be complicit in the destruction of primary forests, expansion of monocultures and use of toxic chemicals banned in the EU through the continued import of GM crops.
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Rapeseed field
Event |

Find me if you can – Detecting gene-edited plants in the EU food chain

EU governments are worried that GM plants engineered with so-called “gene editing” cannot be distinguished from similar, non-GM plants and therefore cannot be regulated. Based on such “practical questions”, they asked the Commission to assess, by April 2021, whether these ...
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Opinion |

Radical transformation of our agricultural system needed, not GMOs

Biodiversity and ecosystems are under extreme threat, with around one million species facing extinction. To avert the worst consequences of runaway climate change, urgent action needs to be taken now.In order to respond to these unprecedented and closely interlinked crises, our food and agricultural systems need to be rapidly transformed.…