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Thirty six objections and counting

Thirty six. That is the number of objections that the European Parliament has voted through, against the draft authorisations of genetically modified plants in the EU put forward by the European Commission (the most recent objections against a GM soy and a GM maize). In 24 of these cases, the European Commission has happily ignored both …
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Pgiam istock
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Parliament approves greater transparency on approval of pesticides and GMOs

Public interest and people's health is more important than protecting the secrets of chemical giants or not embarrassing the European Food Safety Authority. The complete lack of transparency in the authorisation of pesticides, genetic engineering and food additives, will finally be addressed.
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Why we objected to GMOs in the EU - 36 times!

Our Group has always fought against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the EU. We believe that they pose risks to consumers’ health, animal welfare and the environment. This is why the every time the European Commission proposes the authorisation of a new one, the European Parliament objects to it. Read our top six reasons for sayin…
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After years of deadlock and political nightmares, are we finally ready to change the discussion on GMOs?

Today, the European Parliament backed four objections against the authorisation for import of new GM plants into the EU, bringing the total number of such objections to 31 in just over three years. Nevertheless, the European Commission decided to override this opposition and to authorize 24 of them. Why and how did we end up in this polit…
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The “innovation principle” is a regulatory Trojan horse from the industry

Few words carry a more positive image than “innovation”: solving humanities’ problems, bringing comfort, relief and fun. So why the hell are the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament opposing the introduction of the so-called “innovation principle” in the Horizon Europe Regulation, which will be setting the terms for the next 160 billion …
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A new EU law for more transparency in the food chain

Democracy and science have in common the fact that they cannot be properly carried out in the dark: both require transparency. The altercation around the reauthorisation of the herbicide glyphosate in 2017 shed an uncomfortable light on the opacity of both the assessment process and the authorisation process of pesticides in the EU. The C…
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Allergy risks not properly assessed for a recently authorised GM maize, says EU expert

As the European Parliament is set to vote on an objection against a new genetically modified maize comporting several genetic modifications, concerns arises from experts on the quality of the assessment of these so-called "stacked events" GMOs. Dr Jean-Michel Wal, who was until recently the panel’s allergy expert, officially expressed his…
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Superweed and GM Maize
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New GM ‘eradication’ techniques pose grave threat to ecosystems

The European Parliament will vote next week on a call for an international moratorium on a new biotechnology called ‘gene drive’ that has the potential to eradicate entire populations. Supported by more than 200 global food leaders and NGOs, this moratorium is opposed by many private interests.
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Jenni Peterson
sunflower bee
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Greens/EFA Debriefing

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary week included: The Future of Europe debate with Prime Minister of Greece; Autonomous weapon systems; The rule of law in Hungary; Language Equality in the Digital Age; State of the European Union; Digital copyright; Dual quality of products; Greens/EFA MEPs take EFSA to court over Monsanto s…
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CC Chafer Machinery
Crops Sprayed
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A victory for food safety and the environment: ECJ ruling on new GMOs

Today, the European Court of Justice ruled that organisms obtained by mutagenesis, otherwise known as "new breeding techniques" by the biotech industry, are in fact Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and are subject to the 2001 EU GMO Directive and all its obligations. Despite heavy lobbying by the industry looking for ways to circumv…