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Oil Platforms

European Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger today addressed the European Parliament for the second time on offshore oil and gas exploitation and the European response to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. Green MEP's Bas Eickhout (Netherlands) and Bart Staes (Belgium) welcomed Mr. Oettinger's...
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Towards a European Energy Community for the 21st century?

On Monday, 07 June 2010 the Greens/EFA a political family meeting in the framework of the Joint Parliamenary Meeting on 'Towards a European Energy Community for the 21st century?'. During the meeting Greens/EFA MPs and MEPs have exchanged views with Michaele Schreyer, fromer...
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A groundbreaking study on renewable energy in Europe, launched today by the European Climate Foundation, has revealed the potential for 100% renewables by 2050 and dispelled myths including the supposed added costs and reliability of renewable energy.
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Event |

The Spanish Presidency of the EU and the Green priorities

The Greens/EFA Group will debate about the programme of the Spanish Presidency of the EU with representatives of the Spanish government, NGOs and think tanks. Two panels about the Green New Deal as a way out of the crisis and about which energetic model for Europe will also be an opportunity to focus on Green priorities.
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Smith hails EU windfall for Scotland's energy sector

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today hailed news that the European Commission has approved a series of renewable energy projects that will receive over €1.5 billion from the EU's economic recovery fund, bringing just over GBP 100 million to Scotland. Two Scottish projects have won ...
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External aspects of Energy Security

In their motion for resolution, Greens/EFA recall that Nabucco is an EU priority project for the development of which 250 million Euros have been allocated by the Commission. They also welcome the idea of the DESERTEC project which adds to the credibility of the long-term target for a 100% global renewables-based economy and offers a real…
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Press release |

International Renewable Energy Agency

EU energy ministers will meet in Luxembourg tomorrow, 12 June, where they will discuss the location and mandate of the recently established International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). (1) Amid reports that France and the UK have been persuaded to back Abu Dhabi's bid to host the agency (rath...
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New Entrants Reserve'

The EU Commission is proposing to allocate the equivalent of billions of Euros to coal power plants through 'New Entrants Reserve' permits under the post-2012 emissions trading scheme. This would be at the expense of renewable energy technologies, which are also supposed to be eligible.
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Green electricity

The Commission has recently warned Luxembourg against its policy to compensate customers for higher-priced green electricity through its system of feed-in tariffs.The transboundary application of these measures is considered to be market distortion!