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We need to see the evidence on glyphosate

We've been campaigning for a ban on the toxic herbicide glyphosate. While the World Health Organisation says it is "probably carcinogenic", the European Food and Safety Authority says it is safe - so why won't they release the release the studies behind their claim?
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European Commission says "sorry, but no" to European Parliament's call for stronger rights for citizens

As we reported back in October 2015, the European Parliament has called on the European Commission  to improve the European Citizens' Initiative whose dismal success rate in its first three years has  clearly demonstrated that urgent changes need to be made if we want citizens to keep thei...
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Fighting fraud and corruption across the EU

Benedek Jávor, a Green MEP that has been championing the fight against corruption in the EU institutions on behalf of the Greens/EFA group, explains how the EU institutions can and should work hard to end corruption, fraud and misspending.Q: So, what are you trying to achieve? What happened today?I...
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Lobbying transparency

The Greens/EFA group has urged the European Commission to stop delaying anticipated proposals setting out new rules on lobbying transparency. The group made the call today in the context of its launch of a new online tool for automatically making public any meetings MEPs hold with lobbyists (1). Com...
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Transparency of Meetings with Lobbyists

The Green/EFA group is committed to lobbying transparency and to the equal access of stakeholders to the decision-making process. That is why we are now the first political group in the European Parliament to automatically publish information about meetings held with lobbyists and interest representatives such as civil society organisatio…
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European Citizens' Initiative

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Transparency and anti-corruption

The European Parliament today adopted a report on the fight against fraud. The report included a clear call on the European Commission to bring forward a legislative proposal on the protection of whistleblowers. After the vote, Green transparency spokesperson Benedek Javor said: "It is high ...
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Democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary