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Stateless nations and media

Political and social movements of stateless nations face a double communication challenge in order to spread their vision and aims to society. The aim of this conference is to analyse the reality of both media and the communication agenda in several European stateless nations from different angles.
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EU must recognise the potential of green jobs

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans has proposed in parliament that the new EU skills strategy should take account of the vast potential to develop green technologies and acknowledge their importance in creating high skilled jobs in the future. She also called for action to ensure that migrants to Europe ...
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More accessible books available for blind and visually impaired people

The European Parliament has approved the final deal on the implementation of the Marrakesh treaty in the EU. The treaty makes exceptions to some copyright rules for books and other materials in accessible formats for people who are blind or visually impaired (such as audiobooks, large print, and braille).
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From remainers to retainers – Brexit's impact on culture and education

The implications of Brexit for culture and education were the focus of a hearing of the European Parliament's Culture Committee this week. MEPs heard evidence from a number of expert speakers including Eluned Haf, Head of Wales Arts International, invited at the initiative of Plaid Cymru MEP ...
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Six ways to improve the Erasmus programme

With 4000 students being involved at any one time, it’s clear that the Erasmus programme has been a massive success in bringing students from all over Europe together and in allowing them to experience totally different environments. However, like any system, there are always ways to make it better.
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European Commission must invest more to promote solidarity

“Promoting solidarity between young people across the EU is something we strongly support, but the European Commission will have to do better than this to make it happen," comments Greens/EFA education and policy spokesperson, Helga Trüpel.
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EU institutions must end exploitation of interns

The European Ombudsman has delivered her judgement on unpaid internships with the European External Action Service (EEAS). She has recommended that the EEAS pay all of its trainees an appropriate allowance to allow greater access for young people from all backgrounds.
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European Ideas Lab

During a three-day event, Greens/EFA welcomed more than 300 "changemakers" from around 130 organizations of most European countries. This lab was the opportunity for us to listen, discuss and develop ideas with our guests.
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30 Years Erasmus

The European student exchange programme, Erasmus, turns 30 this year! Since 1987, almost 10 million people gained experiences in another European country.
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Video statement by Lurdes Vidal