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Press release |

EU must stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan

The European Parliament has debated the situation in Afghanistan, discussing what the European Union’s response should be following the Taliban takeover. MEPs discussed the EU’s humanitarian response and the need for a strong EU role in helping resettle refugees. EFA Group Presiden...
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European Union
Hemicycle European Parliament Strasbourg
News |

Plenary Flash 13-16 September 2021

During the plenary session, the European Parliament will debate the situation in Afghanistan, the annual state of the European Union, gender-based violence, media freedom and further deterioration of the Rule of law in Poland, Fit for 55 package, LGBTIQ rights in the EU,...
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Photo European Union
State of the Union debate
Publication |

Fit for 55 in light of IPCC report

The Greens/EFA Group has written to the Commission President and Vice-President Frans Timmermans calling for a massive step up in the pace of concrete climate action.
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Video |

Don’t let this bad European farming deal #CAP pass quietly!

Sign our #VoteThisCAPdown petition TODAY! There is something some members of the European Parliament don’t want you to know. TOMORROW, the members of the agriculture committee of the European Parliament will vote on the Common Agricultural Policy, CAP. They are trying to make it sound green and su…
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trade ship
Press release |

Regret over closure of Valencia port petition

The European Free Alliance (EFA) Group in the European Parliament has expressed regret that the Parliament's Petitions Committee has decided to close a petition concerning expansion of the port of Valencia. As such the committee will not look into the complaint of a private citizen on the pro...
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© nathan-dumlao
Server room
Event |

How do we shape and grow green data centres and digital infrastructures?

Digital and new technologies could be the key for the European Union to become climate neutral by 2050. Now, it’s Europe’s job to make sure that the green and digital transformation go hand-in-hand and do not work against each other.  The European Commission has pledged to push f...
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Picture credit : Ari Beser - ICAN
Cover picture of the Treaty on the proliferation of nuclear weapons
Publication |

A fresh breeze for nuclear disarmament in Europe?

With this study, we look to open up and renew the debate in the European Union on nuclear disarmament, at a time when the EU struggles to find its voice. The authors - Dr Erästö, Dr Meier, Dr Kütt and Maren Vieluf - succeed in opening new paths to explore for the EU to play a meaningful role in nuclear disarmament.
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Press release |

Afghanistan: Greens/EFA call for continuation of evacuations, humanitarian visas & aid

Last night, US troops left Afghanistan. Today, EU Interior Ministers will meet to discuss the situation in the country. Greens/EFA call on EU Interior Ministers to advocate for further evacuations, humanitarian visas and humanitarian aid. EU governments must live up to their responsibility and continue evacuations and not abandon people i…
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Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash
Press release |

Commission Anti-Money Laundering proposals major step forward

The long-waited Anti-Money Laundering (AML) package is a major step-forward and implements key long standing demands of the Greens/EFA Group and the European Parliament. The package proposes a regulation that will transfer existing and strengthened AML provisions from previous directives.
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Forest/ CC0 timotheus-frobel
Forest/ CC0 timotheus-frobel
Press release |

New Forest Strategy gives hope for both biodiversity and climate goals

Today, the European Commission has announced its new Forest Strategy until 2030. The strategy is part of the Fit for 55/European Green Deal package published by the Commission on Wednesday of this week. This is a step forward in the EU's approach to forests, which previously, have mainly been seen as a source of raw materials and energy. …