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Event |

LIVE WEBINAR: Current practices of biometric mass surveillance in the EU

On 25 October, the Greens/EFA group will publish its report on the current practices of biometric mass surveillance in the EU. Join us to learn more about these practices, to what extent they are effective and the risks that they pose to fundamental rights! Register now!
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Study |

Biometric and behavioural mass surveillance in EU Member states

The aim of this report is to establish a problematised overview of what we know about what is currently being done in Europe when it comes to remote biometric identification (RBI), and to assess in which cases we could potentially fall into forms of biometric mass surveillance.
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Press release |

EU governments miss chance to take concrete action against attacks on rule of law and postpone response to rising energy prices

The Council and the EU Commission must defend European values, democracy, the rule of law and the rights of Polish citizens. Greens/EFA demand that the Article 7 procedure be pushed forward. On energy prices, the EU needs to end billions in fossil fuel subsidies and invest in 100 percent renewables, sustainable infrastructure and energy e…
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Surveillance camera
Opinion |

Facial recognition in European cities: What you should know about biometric mass surveillance

Saskia Bricmont
Opinion by Saskia Bricmont
As an effort to promote privacy and human rights in the EU, we at Greens/EFA got together with a team of international experts to understand where biometric mass surveillance is put to use all over Europe. Find out what we learned, and why must take action to ban the use of these technologies now - before it is too late.
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strasbourg building ep
News |

Debriefing of the October II plenary session

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week included the Poland and the Rule of Law Crisis and Abortion Ban, Farm To Fork Strategy, UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Global Tax Deal and Pandora Papers, General Budget of the European Union for the Financial Year 2022, Frontex
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Press release |

MEPs call out role of EU politicians, UK & US in money laundering, tax evasion & avoidance

Members of the European Parliament voted on a report on the Pandora Papers. This report was an initiative of the Greens/EFA Group. For the first time, the European Parliament condemns the role of the United States as a hub for financial and corporate secrecy. The report also calls for the granting of access for the UK financial sector to …
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Event |

Pushbacks on the EU border

Tineke Strik (Member of European Parliament for the Greens), will discuss this first of its kind legal action and its implication with the two migration lawyers who’re lodging the litigation.
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Press release |

European Parliament votes for more sustainable food production

MEPs voted on the European Commission's "Farm to Fork" strategy which is at the heart of the European Green Deal. The Greens/EFA Group successfully advocated for the reduction of pesticides and antibiotics as well as mandatory origin labeling of all food notably. This strategy will ensure that food products are free from negative environ…
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Press release |

Now is the moment to end fossil fuel financing & stay within reach of 1.5 C of global warming

Members of the European Parliament debated the EU’s position ahead of the COP26 Climate talks in Glasgow next month. Current national plans (NDCs) would still lead to an increase by about 16% of global GHG emissions by 2030 compared to 2010. Greens/EFA call on the European Commission and EU member states to show leadership and declare the…
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Press release |

Europe's media action plan does not live up to today's challenges

European Free Alliance (EFA) MEPs have welcomed the European Parliament's adoption of a report today on 'Europe's Media in the Digital Decade: An action plan to support recovery and transformation'. The report gives the European Parliament's view on the European Commission'...